Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Marriage Mayhem

This is the new addition to the Oram family, Jessica (Chad's New Wifey). We all went up after Christmas to get ready for their wedding. I did her bridals and their wedding pictures, and I don't think I have ever been so cold in my entire life. Since then it has been non-stop mayhem trying to get them off my camera and onto a computer and a disk. I still can't get these on a disk to take home with me (we are at my parents), and so I thought I would let out all of my frustrations with a blog vent!! I had to go to Walgreens to finally get them all on a disk, but it took several tries before hand and lots of wasted hours!! Then what did load on my mom's computer, I played with now, but now it still won't go onto a disk and I really don't want to redo all 98 pictures!!! AHHHHH!!! So....now I will probably have to go spend more money to get a jump drive to get them all off. Why is it that the photo sessions I do for free always take me the most amount of work and stress!! I always feel like they won't be good enough for the family/friends I am doing them for so I take way more time on editing, I can't get what I want because its hard to be forceful with family (who is more comfortable disagreeing with family) and there always seems to be a hang up!! Besides all the wasted time on these, I just looked through them and all of Eric's side of the families pictures at the temple their heads are cut off! Stupid me, I should have figured out my remote instead of having someone else push the button-the blasted camera got moved and it totally screwed up the pictures. So...needless to say weddings totally freak me out (and I think this could be my one and only), there's no way to redo them, and now forever I get to be guilty about my bro/sis-in-laws wedding pictures and all the flaws!! I guess I will be done venting now....if only I could get this computer to work.......
More on the holidays later, and the start of basketball, and the actual wedding, and pictures of Adelina my cute niece (sorry Kristina), and finally Clari--I can't believe I am sooo behind!!
Better computer work to all my friends!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Yumminess

My side of the family came to our house for Thanksgiving and we had a really great time full of lots of Thanksgiving yumminess! In the first picture the little cooked bird, actually was just that-I made a cute little cornish game hen for the kiddies to eat (I don't think they liked me telling them it was a baby turkey though-opps). Not only was Thanksgiving dinner great, we had lots of other yummy meals too! We had a swimming, rock climbing, hockey scrimaging, animal scoping(the boys), golf-ball searching(paige and grandma), photo taking, craft making, Wii playing, movie watching, game playing good time!! Here's some picts of our fun week. (Kristina and Jason we really wish you could have been here with us!!! But congrats on moving into your new house!) And a special thanks to my Mom for the new polka dot chair-Eric really likes to sit in it now, and for my new cute pillows! Hope that the rest of you had a great Thanksgiving weekend!!!

Happy Holidays to all my friends!!


PS-Don't you just love little Mara's thuggin' hood-it was seriously so huge, but so cute!! Oh yea and in the first picture that is raspberry jello with whipped cream-looks kinda nasty but tastes really good!