Friday, May 20, 2011


We've hit six to be exact. We're at six years and onto to eternity. It's been:

Six years...of getting to know my best friend.

Six years...of ups and downs.

Six years...of laughter and life.

Six years...of lots of love with a little heartbreak.

Six years...of adventure.

Six years...of devotion and caring.

It's crazy to see those old people holding hands on the park bench and think wow-they've made it a long time, but I am starting to get it...after six years of marriage experience. It gets easier and I have learned that your love won't diminish if you help it grow. We're working at learning what works for us-and although we aren't ever perfect, I love what we are and what we have and I wouldn't trade it for anything. It's like the book Aladdin that I read with the kids today: you could take the easy way and use magic to get something, but it will always vanish...or you could work hard for what you have and make it last forever. Our love is like that-the road might not always be easy, but it is most definitely worth it. I also heard a song today that said something to the effect that: there were two young kids who got married with cheap wedding bands (maybe our weren't and maybe he doesn't even own his anymore but...)and they had nothing to their name but big dreams and the belief that they would make it, and I thought-yea our love is like that. In six years I have learned that it takes love, work, trust, God, and the belief in what we have. I believe in what we have-an eternal marriage, the starting of an eternal family-nothing is more important to me than that and I love knowing that Eric will be my one and only for the rest of forever.

Eric is an amazing fun loving and caring. Great with the kids he works with. He has a huge zest for life and goes at everything he does with 110%. He loves me despite my quirks and OCD-like issues. He supports and trusts me and the decisions I make. He is willing to go on my crazy adventures with me (even when he never sees me because I am working hard to pay for those adventures). He is willing to take a backseat and let me lead when I need to. He involves me in his life and activities. He wants me to be a part of his family and wants to be a part of mine. He is adorable with babies and little ones...and someday I know he will make an amazing dad. He is amazing to his mom. He loves his family. He brings the priesthood into our home. He's not afraid to ask questions. He works hard and isn't afraid to get dirty. He knows how to play and relax. He is great to snuggle. He lets me use him to warm up at night. He puts up with my moods and my crap. He loves to joke and laugh. He is a talented ball player and an amazing coach. He isn't afraid to dream or to work hard to achieve what he wants. Most of all he's wonderful...he's hot...and he's mine for all eternity :0).

Love you so much babe...happy anniversary! Here is to another 6(x10)!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I wanted to give props to some amazing kids...I am sure we don't ever give it enough. It seems hard sometimes to find kids that are good. It's tough to be good and do the right thing...especially when it is the least cool thing to do-but that is exactly what these kids are and are doing (and there are many more like them in Pinedale and all over). It takes heart-that's all there is to it. Parents help, coaches help, friends help, teachers help-but honestly it all comes down to the kid. They have to want it more than anything else and they have to work hard all the time-and these 2 do. It is a reminder to me that the world will still be in good hands...if we continue to encourage kids and help kids, we'll have more like this-the good ones, who have heart.

To all my friends...praise a kid, you never know who needs it most and they are all deserving.


BTW...these photos are of 2 of Eric's track kids this last weekend when we hosted Regionals. Both qualified for State which is this weekend. The top one went to State last year in Shot Put and is going back to defend his title.