Monday, September 2, 2013

Family Pix 2013

We went to Idaho this summer and had some new family photos taken my Allie Roberts with AK Photography. She was great to work with during the shoot-super comfortable and was great with Danen...even when he threw a nice big fit :0). I have already ordered some....I cannot wait to hang them in the new house!! On that note our finish date is January 1st-right now they are sheeting the outside and the concrete was just finished. I will post pix soon. So excited to have a studio and a great big family space where all the toys and hobby stuff can go so we can hang out together as a family!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Little Mister 1 Year Old...11 Months Come and Gone

     Playing with cousins and their birds...a little love peck :0)
 Kisses for Great Grandma Jean at the zoo-we had a blast
 Exploring the stump at the Pocatello zoo
 Entertaining the Great Grandpa's
 Great Grandpa Hand watched D while I took my mom for pedi's for Mothers Day
 REading books and snuggling daddy...he is not much of a snuggler, but Danen loves books!
 His next big love-ROCKS
He went from walking to climbing in 1 day...lookout world! 
 We had to move up to 12 month baby is getting too big :/
 We did a quick anniversary trip to Granite Hot was closed but Danen and I enjoyed the warm stream
 Playing in the hot springs....super nasty algae all over
 New found love-the park...I think he likes swinging!!
 When I get a quiet shower I have to wonder why, the one time I forgot to put up the toilet paper he went to town...he is kind of obsessed with paper
 He still loves being outside
 His first big bonk while my parents were in town-he hit the edge of the chair crawling underneath my mom-OUCH
 Learning to crawl up slides...he tried and tried and tried but kept sliding back down-too cute
 Cousin Mara was sooooo amazing at keeping him entertained
 Hmmm...pretty sure he is too young to do this...
 ....and this!! Man does he love climbing!
 We went to Poky on his birthday weekend to sign papers to build our new house!!
 One of his favorite places-by the rocks in the backyard---he was bear crawling with these in his hands...silly boy
 Snuggling up to Klaire Bear
 Happy camper on a dinner trip to Freemont lake
 Family pix at the lake-finally starting to warm up...found 2 ticks after this outing :/
 Our dinner buddies Keri and Klaire
 He would not leave Klaire alone...tackled her to give her loves
 Tell came home from his mission so we went to the report (this is the day he took more than 3 step during sacrament to go bang on the glass doors with some cute little girlies). We got to hang out with Kris and Kyle...They were more cooperative for pictures than he was-he wanted down to play and was screaming like a wild man
 Looking at horses with Grandma
 Mothers day picture for 2013
 So proud of himself for learning how to walk
 I was doing laundry and he decided to come help by rolling all over it-such a funny kid
 Photo booth at his party-held one week before his actual birthday-done over the holiday so family could come
 His first time drinking out of a straw at his Little Mister Milk Mustache Bash
(but he didn't do it again until Grandma Murphy had him while we were in Florida)

We cannot believe how fast Danen's first year went by!! He is such a determined little guy...he already thinks he is so big and wants to run with the big kids! Although he gives me a run for my money and tests my patience daily- I love this little guy to pieces. He is such a smart kiddo...and knows exactly what he wants which can make things challenging. One day after he was walking he crawled into the dishwasher.....he has been trying to climb on everything ever since. Danen and I were able to go to Pocatello 2 times-once for mothers day while Eric was gone and the other to sign a building contract for our new house :0). We are super excited and I will post on that again soon. Danen is walking everywhere now, loves to make animal sounds (elephant, dog, and we are working on monkey), he throws fits like its no ones business (head thrown back, screaming, throwing himself on the floor-usually when being moved from what he wants to do), he still loves balls and can find them anywhere, his is sleeping on his own without being swaddled (just with the noise machine-light sleeper), he is a social bug and loves people-he usually warms up quickly too, loves water, loves walks and playing outside, loves his dad, loves reading books, loves the park, loves Grandma and his cousins (still isn't sure about Grandpa), loves animals, is too used to all my crazy photo sounds to even pay attention now, he is super curious and gets into things but isn't really destructive or messy, he is still great at daycare but won't take naps for Steph very well, he is still only taking 1 nap for me a day that is usually about 2-3 hours long, he doesn't like getting dirty, he is still a pretty good eater but doesn't really feed himself other than finger foods, he still doesn't like his sippy or juice, and I switched him a few days early to whole milk and he didn't even notice :0). We sure love our little bug!! We had a great party for him with friends and family-it had been such a busy weekend already, but he loved it and was great. He didn't really dig into the cake and didn't love it on his hands...I am sure next year that will all change. It has been a year full of firsts all around-this little mister has made me a mama. We are still learning everyday how to be a great family-he has truly helped to complete us. It isn't always easy-but it is always worth it. Some days I have to remind myself and take a step back...its about then that he gives me slobbery kisses and backs into my lap for a book. We love our little boy who has a larger than life personality. There is no middle ground with him-when he is happy he is super happy and when he is mad he is really mad....I can't wait to see where that stubborn determination takes him :0). We will love him forever this one...he really is amazing :0)!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

10 months gone

10 months has gone by quickly...and brought with it one busy boy!! Danen took his first steps in the end of his 10th month-I cannot believe it! He is a busy boy on the move all day long! He is up from sun up to sun down and on the go. We have been trying to go on walks every day that it is nice out-he love love loves being outside and cries when we have to go in. Some of his likes and dislikes at this age are:

Loves Klaire...and most other kiddos but will only snuggle up to Klaire
Loves his mom and dad and cries when he sees either leave, but gets distracted easily :0)
Still hates being strapped into anything or being kept out of or in a room alone-does great strapped in if      he is outside
Loves having something in his mouth all day long while he moves around-usually it is the farmer or chicken from his little people farm
Love love loves eating and gets super excited anytime he knows food is coming
LOVES being outside-period
Loves when dad comes home and instantly crawls to him whining to be held
Hates having his diaper changed
Loves sleeping on his belly at night-which I hate because then his diaper leaks
Loves walking around-weather it is with a finger, furniture, or walls-he prefers it to crawling if he has an option
Loves to play with all things that are not conventional toys
Does not like me to be working at the computer...I either have to be down playing or he wants stuff off the desk
Loves to be anywhere where mom or dad are
Loves to be in pictures of other kids, but does not like his own-silly kid
Hates having to wait for anything-he has very little patience
Loves the bath
Love love loves books and could read or play with them all day long
Loves balls-that is usually how I get smiles at his photo shoots
Does not like getting dressed
Loves big people food and tolerates baby food
Loves climbing
Loves to point at things-especially pictures and outside
Loves the garbage's and toilet paper rolls
Still does not like being swaddled-but it helps his naps

He is still a bit small, but he packs a lot of punch in that little body. Recently a friend had her kiddos over and her little boy is twice his, but it didn't stop him from tackling him and trying to wrestle him. He  is both a little lover and a rambunctious boy. He still doesn't really love to cuddle...but he shows affection in his own little boy way.  We love our super busy little monster. He keeps us busy and on our toes. He keeps like exciting and we love watching him learn and grow everyday. I cannot believe we are only 1 month away from his first birthday-which we are already planning. This last year has gone by so quickly and has brought us so much joy. I wouldn't trade a minute of it!

On another note we are looking into building again-this time in town on one level. The builders are asking more than our last builder-but the quality will be better. We are keeping the project around the same price, but getting less square footage.  It will work for us though, and we have really thought out the floor plan to make the most of the space. We will hopefully find out this week if it is a go...and the best part is that it has a studio space for me!! I shot 5 times this last weekend and look forward to the opportunities having my own studio can bring!! Eric is excited to get a garage for his boat. The lot we are looking at is right next to a park in town, and also by the bike path. It will be a great spot for kiddos to play and less maintenance than having a large property. Wish us luck!!

Happy sunshine days to all our friends!