Monday, November 22, 2010

First Big Snow

This has been the first big snow for our winter this year, although it isn't as big as they predicted. Last year we had a huge snow storm in October coming home from Utah...this year it decided to come just before we leave for Idaho. I do love it is more hassle...but it makes everything look so pretty. I have come to appreciate shoveling snow, we have a lot of concrete and therefor a lot of snow to shovel :0). Lately we have had an antelope herd of about 50 head or so on our property. We live on a wintering range for them and they are coming out of the woodwork's because of the weather. They have been so close to the house, but you hardly notice them at all. I have also been working on putting the rest of the house together. I have 3 more wall murals to put up (that still need photos too), but so far I have made great progress. I had a jewelry party this last week so I tried to get our house in order for that. I finally got a filing cabinet-and it is amazing! Eric and I picked this up at our schools big sale-it's an awesome one and I got it for 10bucks! Way better than anything I could have bought for 100bucks! So, the big corner is finally cleared out and only contains the bench my dad made me. The spare room is all done and soon the doors will be painted as well. I hung up Eric's new trophy mount next the painting of his dad (that we love!!-Danen Friedley is the artist of both paintings in this room-the other is Eric). I know we are still trying to sale, but I have decided that I still want to make this house more of us and a little less sterile-wish me luck!

Pretty white stuff for all my friends (as long as it's off the road that is!)


Friday, November 5, 2010


Check out my last installation of adding texture to your scrapbooking paper projects...I hope it inspires you to go and do something creative!

Monday, November 1, 2010

All Hallows Eve...

We went to Cody for Halloween this year to hand out with the family and to watch Cam-man play basketball. I wish I would've shot photos at the beginning of his game because they blew them out of the water so he didn't play much the 2nd half. He and his teammates are very good at what they do, and the starting 5 are so tall for 8th grade that it has made them completely unstoppable. I wish we lived closer so we could watch him more-I love having a team to cheer for! I think as long as these boys are around together most teams won't stand a chance until they graduate. We were also able to see T and Lib's little family. The girls are sooo cute! It was fun to do Halloween with everyone-even Eric got in the spirit and dressed up. I love Halloween, unfortunately I married someone who could care less about it and dressing up-hopefully this is a sign of what's to come when we have our own little ones...maybe he will do group themed costumes with me after all?? A girl could only hope right? I was a spider web, Eric was a scrub from the early 90's (funny some people took that as his real hair and he had tons of people not recognize him), TJ's family were pigs and pig farmers-so cute! Anyways, we had a great time and wish we could do it more often-too bad 5 hours is so long! Love to all your Oram's (and we missed you Chad/Jessica/Caydence!!)
Family Fun for all my friends!