Sunday, March 31, 2013

Another Month Older...

My lucky charmer :0)
Spring love for the bunny
Can get to a sitting position on his own

 Silly faces now keep mommy entertained

Working out with Daddy
Teething Biscuit - Luv To Smash and Make a MESS
 Went with mom to a shoot-was not a happy camper
Messy Man Eater

  Teething....thank goodness for chewables!

  Mobil Monster Man

 New babiators...luving our Spring weather walks
 Milk Stache
 Easter Goodies

Tomorrow my lil mister turns 10 months-only 2 months away from the big first year and I cannot believe it!! It was a big month for the bitty guy again! He learned to crawl, pull-up on everything, got his 2 top teeth, had his first Easter and St. Patricks day, and got his first ear infection (that was a bad one-we are still trying to get over it!) He also had his longest car ride to date-and did not do so well :0/. He is in his new upright car seat and does seem to like it a little better since he can sit up and see more. He is still kinda a lil dude at only around 18 lbs...every time he gets sick he loses weight. He got spoiled on Easter from all the amazing Grandma's in his life, and he got a life jacket so he can go in the boat with Eric and I this summer! He met the Easter bunny and did the community hunt with a lot of help from Grandma and mom yesterday. You'll notice 2 Easter outfits-compliments of the side effects of antibiotics...poor baby has felt horrible. He had his first trip to Montana to visit TJ's family-he did not travel too well in the car either way. He is getting quite the personality-he knows what he wants and is pretty feisty. He is super social with kids, but still likes mom to be around with adults. With all those teeth coming in (4 total now) we tried some teething biscuits which he loves. He is getting to be such a big boy-so busy and active. He loves to do everything on his own and doesn't like any redirection or restrictive situations. He is determined, energetic, and is such a snuggler when he is sick. We sure love our lil man!!