Saturday, March 12, 2011 we know it

I can't believe it has been over 2 months since I last posted...but we don't have Internet so when I need to post it's usually over at my photography site. We have been busy building, coaching, shooting, working, traveling, creating, and just trying to keep up. I keep thinking life will slow down, but I think I will have to go on vacation for that to happen...thank goodness our cruise is in 2 weeks-WAHOOO! During basketball season I either did books/clock or took photos while Eric coached. They didn't come out with any wins this year (we knew it was going to be rough with a very young and inexperienced team), but those boys worked so hard. We're hoping for a better season next year now that they have had lots of playing time. My parents also came over to help us do electrical in the basement. We're about a third done, but can't wait to be able to use it (even though we're still planning on listing it)! My photography has been busy and I love that I get to meet so many great people and capture their lives. I am starting to get things in order to do photo printing, and a website (new name and much more-maybe even a studio soon!). I just did photos for the basketball teams here which was a new adventure for me. Eric has now started track, and has been having fun while he can in Cody, and now in Las Vegas. We have also been the recipients of a lot of snow this year-which can make our drive way interesting sometimes. We have really appreciated the help of others as they plow to keep it easier to go up and down. I have also had a little bit of time to create and thus make more messes to keep up on. I am still doing a scrap swap (but a mini-version) and I have recently been making flowers to put on vintage baby sweaters (lots of friends here are preggo) and I love how they are turning out! Until next time.....
Relaxation to all my friends!