Tuesday, September 25, 2012

3 Months & Too Big!



Wowza~3 months has flown by!! In his first 3 months Danen has already learned so much! He loves to stand and can do it by himself leaned up against something; he is also practicing sitting with support from pillows, the couch, or his bumbo type chair (different kind with straps). He can now grab the fish on his play mat and sometimes hits the music button. He has tried out his door jumper, and his stationary jumper also. He is loving his swing less, and being in things he can move in and grab more. He is so smiley and generally pretty happy~we really lucked out and love him so much! He loves interacting with people, especially kids and other babies. He usually rewards someone talking to him with a goofy grin and bashful flirty eyes. He sleeps pretty good at night and is starting to take better day naps (usually 3). Last night was his first night in his crib & he did great! I am pretty sad to give up the bassinet sleeping though-my dad made an amazing bassinet! He loves the bath and being outside. He has been to his first football game, traveled to watch another football game (to see uncle Cameron play in Green River). He has gone to Island park, volleyball games, and to work out with mom, dad, and Grandma. He is getting so big so fast! He is still kinda little and in 0-3 months clothes. He was a trooper for his shots, but I am not looking forward to getting his new shots on my birthday next week....so sad! He has gotten his first cold~heartbreaking the first night when he would freak out when the mucus ran down his throat. I had to hold him until he conked out. He loves his bath, any mirrors, and also his crib mobile. He also loves his hands and is drooling like crazy, but I don't think he is getting teeth yet. He is also eating cereal now after a couple failed attempts. My mom and I tried for a couple days with no progress, however, when I took her home there was a minor milk mishap and what I had pumped got spilled. I had to go buy formula, milk, and a little baby food....we mixed it and he gobbled it up! I didn't really want him to have formula or baby food yet, I also didn't want to start him on fruit first-but sometimes plans change, and I have to say this was a blessing in disguise. I was pretty worried he wouldn't eat it and would go hungry-but it went great. I would like to say that it helps him sleep longer at night, but we haven't gotten that far yet. His room is almost all ready to go...now I just need to finish a few things to get it up on the walls! We are so grateful for him and love him so much! I am loving being home, and stay too busy with working one day a week @ Farm Bureau and photography-which is going like crazy. We love our little life that is consumed with our amazing addition.
Family love to all our friends!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

In My Pretend World

Recently I was looking back through photos of lil' D...man he was so tiny! (Now he is 3 months & changing so much~more on that later) I knew it would go fast and I have been savoring every stage. As we went through the newborn stage I knew I loved it and snuggling my little guy. However, I did not expect that I would hunger for a newborn while looking at friends newborn photos or whilst shooting newborn sessions. Often I get asked if we will have more or just be okay with one. Most people know how rough my pregnancy and delivery were~and in all honesty I usually answer that if the next one is a girl we will be done. My heart is torn though for my pretend kids-crazy I know. In my head my pretend world plays out like this~

I am a mother of 4: 2 boys and 2 girls. They have super cute names like: Danen Trent :0), Breea Capreese, Kingston Crue, Harper ????....They are all amazing good and cute (imagine great family photos...beaches and smiles-lol). In my pretend world I am nothing short of Martha Stuart. My house looks like a magazine, and I create more crafts and amazing ideas than Pinterest. In my pretend world I manage my time like a pro and I am never behind on cleaning, laundry, photography, dishes, ect....and I spent countless hours reading and teaching my children. I do my visiting teaching monthly with a handout, treat, and amazing lesson. My achievement day girls have amazing activities, treats, and handouts each time we meet. In the midst of this I find time to do service, go back to school, and develop my talents. In my pretend world I am the nicest, kindest, and most welcoming friend to all of those around me. I am the koolaid mom who loves all kids and is totally okay with them being over all the time-destroying my house making amazing art, whilst snacking on awesome homemade chocolate chip cookies and milk. In my pretend world I make a new fabulous meal every night and dessert, and everyone loves/eats it and no one ever gets fat (i.e. me). I could go on & on about my pretend world, but in actuality the one I have is quite perfect for me.....

I have a great imagination and all that sounds amazing (something to strive for I suppose), I must admit that I am completely in love with the life I have. I have an amazing husband who loves and supports me and loves being a dad. I have an adorable son that has a smile that melts my heart and makes this non-emotional lady tear up just a bit everytime I see it. I am blessed and loved by a wonderful father in heaven, and have the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life to help guide and mold me. I have wonderful parents who help me create the amazing projects I dream up in my head, but am unable to do on my own :0). I have awesome friends and family who put up with me even when I am scattered and crabby. I have the support of a community that has enough faith in me and my abilities to keep me employed and thriving. My house may not always be clean, organized, or decorated to a tee-but we have a roof over our head and all the things we need. I am greatful for my life and all the things I have learned and continue to learn. I may not be perfect-and my life may not be perfect, but everything is just the way it should be-and that I can be eternally certain of, if I maintain my faith and love. At the end of each hectic day I know I wouldn't trade my eternal family and life in the now~for any pretend life my imagination could conjure up.

Life in the moment for all my friends!