Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We have been working like crazy it seems! I have finally posted some of our old adventures...hopefully I can get around to doing Christmas soon ;0). Anyways, check out the posts, there's a few of them. While you're at it check out Eric's new's pretty inspiring-he's doing big things for the kids and he's just the man for the job! Eric has an amazing passion for Athletics and Physical Educations and overall kids in general. He has done a ton of work on this and it is going to be amazing! This is one of the posters I created that they will be using for their new program. We're both happy and healthy and busy as ever. Me with 3 jobs+photography (we're saving for Hawaii in August!) and him with Track/Work/Pure Performance/and hopefully ZERO. Love all our friends!! And remember to work hard so you can slow down and take a vacation from life :0)!


Eric and I went on our Spring Break with our friend Scott to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Honduras, and Belize. It was soooo amazing! We were on the Carnival Legend and we had an absolute blast seeing sites and getting tan-it was such a nice break from the snow! We used the new underwater camera we bought for Eric's guiding-and I think it worked awesome. It was so much easier than lugging around my beast, and the underwater photos are so cool (although next time I think they'll be better on the right setting-haha). We did so many things in 7 days! We hung out with family in Florida and ate amazing food, went snorkeling, held sea turtles/monkeys/parrots/stingrays, saw a Mayan temple, went to Hell, ate some more amazing food on the cruise, mini-golfed, and went zip lining. We had a chance to work out together and relax-it was a much needed break and the sun was just what the doctor ordered (literally.:lol:.)!


This post should have been done forever ago...and right now I really should be doing work, but I figured if I didn't do it now-I probably never would. I was given the opportunity to buy a ticket to Chicago for $75...a ticket from last year with work that didn't get used-so I jumped on it. It was a blast to hang out with my two Chicago ladies-Linds and Jaime (and their adorable families). They were so great to me...and Linds and the kiddos were so patient! I ran them ragged trying to get in all the sites of Chicago. It is truly an amazing city and I would love to go back when it is warm and take the hubs. We did so many things: the zoo, bean, aquarium, jelly-belly factory, mueseums, pizza, craft fair, shopping...and the list goes on and on-all in 4 days! I would say that the highlight of the trip was seeing WICKED, Ben got us amazing seats (YOU ROCK). I would go again anyday-it is phenomenal! Enjoy the photos...(I could have posted them for days, but I tried to hold back)!


I took these photos at Thanksgiving of the fam...good times trying to get so many people in one place and happy all at the same time :0). For more check out my photography blog.