Thursday, May 22, 2014

Holy Moly...a YeAr LAteR!

I am kinda behind...and a lot happened since I posted last that I want to remember :0)
These are not in any order and it is a memory overload of pix!

I ran a 5k color run with my sister...I am totally out of shape-but it was tons of fun!

We dug the hole for our new house!! Danen loved the dirt and playing in the machines with Daddy and Seth. They came out to visit and we loved having them here!!

We all visited Grandma Peggy in Cody and had an amazing time for the 4th...we went to an awesome fishing pond where everyone caught fish-including me....mine was almost the biggest-but, Eve beat me :0)

The walls went up and we started to be able to see how our new house would take shape. This is garage stall 3 where you can see through to my studio-super exciting!!

We got lots of snow-the most since we have been here-but we tried to still play outside lots.

We had Christmas with the Murphy side and loved every minute of it. It is always a whirlwind of activity...and this time we left Danen after Christmas with my parents so we could move in to our new home!!

We found these over Christmas break and thought we would get them for a family Halloween getup...but they were kinda

Christmas Eve Danen opened up pajamas made by my friend Kara Holland, a Christmas book (Little Drummer Boy), and a Christmas movie with the old classic sing alongs (he only likes the Frosty one-haha)

He loved his stocking with the hat he picked out, nutella dip, a huge cookie, plane spinner, and some other fun things.

The hit of Christmas was the drum he got from Mom & Dad

Grandma gave him haircut #2

During the building our foundation in a cool panorama shot-garage view

We tried out camping prior to the Trent Oram family get together-Danen didn't do so hot...we are hoping this summer he does better now that he is in a big boy bed!

Trusses are up!! We went to the house almost daily to check on progress...and check in on our builders. I went to school with our builder and we thought it would be good to hire them-but it turned out we were wrong! They were a mess to work with from start to finish and his Dad is a pretty dishonest man...chalk that up to another learning experience!!

Dormers going in-yea for hobby spaces! One side for fly tying and one side for scrapbooking!

D man driving a fire truck...we also got to take a ride and honk the horn-he loved it!

We got to go to Idaho to watch Cam man play baseball-he did a great job and Danen loved watching and digging dirt-haha

In October we went to see Chad, Jessica, & the girls-we had fun going to Thanksgiving Point-Danen did not want to get off this horse and he loved all the farm animals!

Our li'l spider....costume from Grandma Peggy & he loved it since he was kind of obsessed with spiders at the time.

Playtime at the library-he loves going to story time!

Some sheep on our way to Jackson Hole for Doctors appointments. We have made that trip a lot this year. Eric had shoulder surgery and I found out I was made for a pretty crummy winter again-we needed loads of helped and were so humbled to receive help from our ward with meals, and scraping our driveway. Also from friends with help with Danen, and meals. We really could not have done it without my mom who came and cooked, cleaned, and got things back on the up and up when we were both down-she's amazing!

We had Thanksgiving at Grandma Peggy's house. Her and I made it all & it was wonderful! I made a pie, an awesome stuffing (that of course I don't remember the recipe for), asperagus, and was my first time really doing a bunch of it. Plus I helped with the sweet potatoes...I was pooped at the end of it!

Danen wanted to be in the mix of every basketball game-guess he is a true Oram :0)

We get a lot of deer and moose by our new house and we love it! 

We moved in the end of December-of course in snow. We closed in January and were so glad to be done and in-we have loved it and making new family memories!

This little character surprises us more and more each day with all he does. He is a pretty good kid...with a little naughty streak-but he tries hard to be good. He is a great eater most of the time, and loves to do it all by himself and pick out what he is eating. Most of the time that choice is Greek Yogurt! He has become so much more independent and I am trying to move him slowly into big boyhood since we found out in January that he was going to be a big brother!

Meet baby 2...our li'l gummy bear! We found out that this little bundle of boy joy will be arriving in September-he and his older brother are going to love playing together!!

A Moose in town...we saw quite a few this year.

Spring brings melting and puddles...I cannot keep this kid out of them. It is only like 45 degrees and he is soaking wet playing until he shivers-guess he must be a native ;0)

I have tried to find entertaining things for mister to do while I work-since it was a long winter, instead of putting on a movie (which he loves). We color, play with beans, and play dough.

Love this handsome kid and he is so excited to play outside again!!

Picked out a new nursery theme-I just couldn't take D's away from him yet since most of it has never been used and Monsters just fit him. This new man is getting Robots and I am so excited that he will also have his own quilt from his Grandma's.

Full of sass and charm this one. This is at the Pinedale track meet where he scaled a half fence to get to his Daddy....he has mad skills when it comes to strength and coordination!

His favorite part of all of our Jackson trips-cookies!

Collecting fabric for the robot quilt-it has been really fun!

Prepping for his 2nd birthday party-Monster Mash Coloring Bash

He is a true American boy-he loves corn, pb & J's, and watermelon

For Spring break this year we went to see Grandpa Bud since he is not doing well (they found out recently that he has cancer). We stayed at their house and they loved seeing Danen-but commented on how much engery he has...yes, he does! All.The.Time!! They got a new puppy and he & D were the best of friends or the worst of enemies-they would chase each other like crazy to fight over D's toys. 

We met Roy of Siegfried and Roy while at the cat exhibit-he was very nice and answered everyone's questions. I guess we picked a lucky day to go!

On our way home we visited Jason, Kristina, and their kiddos. They moved to Utah since Jason transferred and built a house not too far from Chad's-like 5 minutes! We were able to see Amber and Shane and their kiddos too when we all went to the dino museum at Thanksgiving Point. Danen loved it, but was so tired he threw a fit each time we had a to leave an exhibit he liked. 

My parents came to help us tile around the tub...something we decided to do after the faucet situation wasn't really working. We were getting a lot of splashing-but now it will be super pretty and functional. Eric's arm still hurts, and I was still not feeling great at that point so the help from my Dad was amazing! My mom played lots with D and helped me pick up the outside and clean some inside. He sure does love his Grandparents!

Super cute shirt I got brand new for a buck in Las Vegas at the thrift store...he doesn't really notice the cape-but he sure does make a cute super hero. 

1st time with play dough-home made by mama

Easter egg hunting...he did 3 this year. One at the library, one at the pool, and one at the park-he loved it!

His new handsome man church outfit for Easter from Grandma Jean. 

The Easter bunny and Grandma Jean and Peggy kinda spoiled this kid this year

Visiting Pocatello for Grandpa Murphy's birthday. We went to the zoo and saw all of the family. When we told him to give Grandpa Rhodes a love goodbye he insisted on kissing him-pretty funny since he is a minimal contact man :0)

He loved playing in the water at Grandma's and we loved that it was nice enough to be outside since we were still getting snow!

My cute Halloween monster man-those shoes from Grandma are a favorite!!

Our house plans we had drafted up

This summer Eric and I left D with my mom and sister and had ourselves a little vacay to go see the Chad Oram family in Florida. It was a blast going to Universal Studios, The Epcott Center, the beach, Key West, and so many other fun places. We were beat though and missed our little guy like crazy!

4th of July family shot in Cody

At the fair petting a lizard and albino kangaroo-pretty cool!! Danen loved the Dingos.

With Grandma Yoli at the Oram reunion in Idaho.

Paddle boarding on the lake-we loved it and are thinking of getting our own boards

We did the Trent Oram family reunion right outside of Pinedale. It was rainy-but a blast. We also hit up the hot pools...where this dude was crazy and would jump in anywhere with or without help.

It was a crazy busy year since I last posted with some really huge milestones again! A new house, surgery, baby 2, toddlerhood, family, friends, and mostly really good times!!