Friday, April 24, 2009

In My Backyard and Have You Pampered Yourself Lately

So....these are some pictures of a yearling moose that I took this week. I was excited to have nice weather finally, and when I was driving home I saw this little guy in the stream in town. I went home and grabbed my camera and came back and started shooting away! I always get a little nervous sneaking up on animals like this...especially when I am not sure if mama moose is somewhere close, but it worked out and I tried to keep a safe distance and keep my eyes on him the whole time!!! The only thing that could have made this setting better was some green on the trees with a setting sun...but I will settle for the nice weather!!!

Alright...I know that this is a funny picture but while I was doing this I was thinking about all of my ladies out there, so I snaped this picture. I wanted to ask all you ladies out there...have you done something for yourself lately? I know that you Mom's out there don't have a lot of time, but the one thing I always stressed with my clients with kids is that they needed to make sure they take some time out for themselves so that they don't crash! I want to challenge all you ladies out there to do 1 thing for yourself this week. This little facial that I did last week and again tonight, I got a long time ago from Bath and Body (for less than 10bucks I think) and it only takes like 15 minutes. While I am waiting I can do lotion, comb my hair, ect. If you really think you don't even have time for this...maybe you could put this on and play monsters with your kiddo(s) .:smiles:. (it would probably be one of their best memories!!) or in all seriousness, make a natural facial and do it with your kiddos...I bet they'd love it (then it would be okay if they ate it too-it'll happen I'm sure). Anyways, I just wanted you all to know how amazing you are-trust me, you deserve a little time for yourself, so please-INDULGE yourself (even if it is as a monster-hehe) your sanity will appreciate you! BTW I would love to know what you all did!!!
Indulgence to all my friends!!!
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First Eva Scrap Swap

This is just a little sneak peak at our first scrap swap .:smiles:. check out to get all the details and to leave your feedback!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend in SLC

We went to visit Chad and Jessica in SLC for the weekend. Peggy and Cameron were also we had a great time with the family...although we wish TJ, Lib, and Eve could have been there too :0(. We also got to see Erik Hayes and I had the opportunity to go over and spend a few hours with the Hartsocks!! Little Carter is growing like a weed...and I love catching up with them! While in Utah we did quite a bit!! We had Jessica's birthday dinner, watched movies, had Chad's b-day lunch at Tucano's, the boys played basketball, we all went to a nickle arcade, we went to a impromptu comedy club, went to sacrament meeting, and had Easter lunch. It was a great weekend...and Eric and I were back early enough to eat, watch another movie, and get to bed early!!! We did a little activity after lunch where you open Easter eggs that all had something different in them that had to do with the Savior and his Resurrection...1 object and 1 scripture. It really helped me to re-focus on why we have Easter. I am so grateful for the Atonement of the Savior, for the church, and the opportunity I had to go to the Temple with Eric this weekend. It had been like 2.5 years since we had been together, and that is too long! I am grateful for the opportunity that we have to renew our covenants, and become clean continually by using the Atonement-Heaven knows I need it :0)! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Well...this is my too cute for words hubby!! I came in late last night after designing some invitations and this is what I found! I swear, sleeping pictures never get matter what your age :0). He doesn't know that I took this photo...but I loved it so I had to post it! I came in to go to bed and he had fallen asleep with the lights on (this has been a frequent thing lately), and had pulled one of his pillows on top of himself-love it! These other two pictures are of Eric and one of our friends and fellow teachers Mike Davis. Mike took Eric out last weekend usual even though it was cold, Eric loved it. They only caught these 2 fish the whole day...but according to Mike "they wouldn't call it fishing if you caught everything all the time"-ditto that! As far as an update on the home search...we found an apartment to rent instead of buying right now. The house we went to look at had great bones...but we wouldn't have enough to do all the fix ups that we want to do. We seriously contemplated building, but decided to wait because we felt like we would be rushing to try and get everything going in 1 month. A lady in our ward and her husband are building and have a mother in law apartment above their garage, which is where we plan on moving to. They hope to have it all done by June 1st...we hope that they do too so we can move right in without having to stay with friends for awhile. Alas, we have done it before and we can do it again if needed. They are only charging $800/mo + electric and propane. This will be super cheap for us and will allow us to save quite a bit of money so that we will be ready to build later on, probably next summer. Anyways, I am off to bed!!
Sweet dreams to all my friends!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Playing House...Maybe

Well...Eric and I are going to look at a house tomorrow. It is really scary to think that this is where we are at in life. It is a huge commitment since we are debt free! We really do like it here, and he has a good steady job and so do I so that is a huge blessing. A family in our ward is moving...and wants to try to sell without listing their house. I hope that it is nice...I know it is a fixer-upper, that is what makes this all so hard! Do we build and get what we want and wait to finish a basement...and build equity that way? Do we rent and pay like $1600/mo? Do we buy pre-existing and hope and pray that it is fixable in our budget? Everything is still pretty high priced here! People think I am crazy when I tell them that this home is 3000 sq. ft., but is one of the better deals for our price range. Most homes around 250-300k are either new and super tiny, or big and old. This one happens to fall into the latter category...but it also has about 3 acres which would be nice I suppose. I am just ready to feel settled in one place. To feel like we can start a family because we are not moving soon (I guess moving like 9 times in a year and a half can do that to you). I guess I am finally feeling like putting roots down, color on my walls, and money in my own pocket (kind least its not being given to someone else to put into their pockets). Anyways, I will update when I know more!!