Friday, September 18, 2009

House Updates

Siding....1/2 done....waiting for flashing.
So far so good on the house. Of course we have gone over budget a little bit more than planned, but it will help us finish faster in the end :0). We are waiting on a few things to be able to finish up the siding outside, working on that has taken some patience for sure!! They have everything ready on the inside to start taping, and texturing. Soon after will come paint and flooring. From there it will be all finish work. I finally got all of my faucets...I love them!! We did have a little minor bump with the accent tile-they stopped making it!! So now we have to pick out a new one this weekend, which I am actually excited to do...since I found one I like better :0). All in all it is progressing. They should start on the exterior next week, along with taping and texturing. We are also going to get the septic started next week.
On another is going well. I really love working with the little kids, I have never had so many compliments!! They are so cute...always finding something nice to say-unlike those high school kids. I am not sure what happens between elementary and high school, but wow-what a change!! I can also say that I am back to working out...a little girl asking if I was pregnant kicked that into high priority (I was sitting down with a small group in one of the 1st grade classes and she just blurted it out....luckily she finished it off with a "Oh, I thought you said you had kids"-guess my flouncy shirt was a little distracting-haha). I am doing an early morning bus route so I have to be to work by I am up by 6am. I am so not a morning person, but I do love getting off early and it's a pretty easy way to start the morning. In the afternoon I work with a little boy one on one for an hour and I absolutely love it!! He is such a great way to end my day!! Eric is staying busy trying to retrain his freshman how to behave in PE, but seems to really be enjoying the start of the year, and the new principal (who I think is great lady!!).
Anyways, I hope all is well for you out in blogland!! Happy compliments to all my friends!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I know we are pretty boring and pretty much only post about the house, but the rest of our life is pretty hard to capture right now since that is the majority of what we do on our spare time!! Eric and I both started school today, and it was a little hectic!! I decided to do the early morning bus riding duties at least for the 1st quarter, so I have to be to work at 6:45 am. This morning I did well and was even a couple minutes early-which is quite a feat for me considering I am always late and don't do mornings well!! As for the house, the Tyvek is all up-some insulation is in-the trace (sp?) ceiling is up-the soffit and roof trim is up-electrical is almost done-and hopefully this week they will finish the insulation and roof. It seems slow coming, but I just hope we can move in w/o snow!! Wish us luck on that!!
Happy jobs for all my friends!