Monday, June 28, 2010


I am pretty excited to announce that we received 2 new members of our extended family last month. One on each side...pretty neat. On the Oram side another beautiful baby girl...Sage Christine, and on the Murphy side another handsome baby boy...Hudson Christofer. Just call me Auntie....SERIOUSLY-I love babies and I love our nieces and nephews like crazy, even if I don't get to see them all very often. Can't wait to snuggle the new little ones!!
Baby snuggles for all my friends!

Ella Love

Check out my blog post with Ella publishing...get on the love wagon and submit! You seriously might be my love of the month!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Green House

Here is our newly painted GREEN is sooo weird seeing it an actual color instead of tan, but it looks really nice. It will look even better when the concrete is done and the rock cleaned up. It was a little weird feeling like I was living in a fishbowl everyday while the painters were there. We only have curtains in our bedroom so at any point I could walk in to a room and there they would be at the window. Good thing they were all cool or it would have been a long 3 days! Oh...and I get asked frequently if we live in a subdivision or do we have which the answer is yes and yes. We have a couple neighbors but our subdivision is new so we have lots and lots of space to ourselves. To prove my point check out the photo of the cattle drive across our road...mainly we share our space with many animals. Case in point: early last week I was on a walk and got close enough to an antelope to (according to what my nephew wanted to do the week before) "hit it with a rock and break off it's antlers". Don't kids say the darnedest things? No worries animal enthusiasts instead we just stared at each other and I refrained from throwing a rock, plus a she has no horns...however if the aggressive grunting male I crossed on my way back from the rock would have continued on his charge towards me I wouldn't have thought twice about hitting him with a rock-haha.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We had a great visit with my family...mostly cold weather until they it is mostly beautiful, funny isn't it how that works. Thanks so much fam for coming and for all your help! We now have a disposal that will hopefully stay attatched to the sink, an awesome shelf in the laundry room, amazing curtains in our bedroom, and finished swap layouts-you guys are awesome!! Since then we have been playing, had Eric's brithday, and have worked on the house. It has been weird for me not working, but I have made use of the time by staying up late reading books and sleeping in-haha, guilty pleasures. We hired someone to paint our house-one less thing to do-and they started today. Eric called and said "how does it look?"....I said, "very green". It's weird seeing it in color...very weird indeed. I have started to play around with my camera and have uploaded some new photos-pretty exciting, and have also started to workout again...I am feeling like a new woman already. I also introduced a summer special for photography: $75 for any shoot...check out my blog for more details. Eric has been teaching casting classes, working on the house, and enjoying his new raft. We have been enjoying the nice weather by going on a drive with Kevan, having a cookout at the lake, playing softball, and working outside on the house getting ready for Seth and concrete. Hope you all are having a wonderful summer thus far! Would love to hear from you stop by if your itching to get out and enjoy beautiful Wyoming weather (I promoise we won't make you work too much on the house-hehehe)!
Sun for all my friends!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Today this wonderful man has been around for 28 this photo...totally him when around his family-always the entertainer, the goofball, the story-teller. Eric is such a great person with a huge heart! Even though I wish we were in Hawaii celebrating instead of Pinedale with snow...I hope your day is awesome!! Love you lots and I hope your next 28 years just get better!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

School's Out For The Summer!!

I never realized when I was younger how excited my teachers were to be out of school...almost more excited than the kids I think :0). Although I will be doing some curriculum work for the summer and helping to unpack at school-I am so ready for a break! We have been packing for around 2 weeks now-whew!! I never thought teaching could be as exhausting as it is, but I do enjoy it. Next year Eric and I will each be starting our 3rd year in the Pinedale School District, and I will say it has been a good move for us. I am loving working with the little tikes, and I am soooo excited to move to our amazing new Elementary School Building next year that I can ride my bike to. We have big plans to finish up a lot on the house and put it up for sale. Yup, you heard me right-for sale. We are going to do it and just see what happens-no pressure. If it sales, it sales. If not, we will have a great house on it's way to being finished. Either way it will be great for us, but we have a lot of work ahead of us this summer. I am super excited to get a break to read a little, work out, fix up the house, sleep-in, figure out my new camera, and scrapbook. Eric is super excited to get his new boat, guide, fish, spend time outdoors, fish, work on the house, and fish some more. We have a wonderful friend who is super talented coming to help us the end of this month-so we should be able to get a lot done then. We have a couple of trips planned to see family and friends, and a couple of friends and families are coming to see us! If you haven't-call, we'd love to see you!! We can't wait for the summer to start, oh wait-it has. I am officially off to enjoy the sunshine!

Happy summers for all my friends!