Sunday, January 10, 2010


I finally uploaded my Thanksgiving photos...better late than never :0). We went to Cody for the big day and spent it with Eric's family. Little Evie definitely keeps us all entertained...and from the looks of the previous photos that must come from the Oram side. One night during our visit Eric convinced his mom to teach him how to make Spudnuts, which are very yummy donuts made from potatoes. They turned out great and he is pretty excited to turn that into a Thanksgiving tradition-as if I need more things to eat on Thanksgiving. Then the boys went through their old things and Eric found his high school jersey, he still looks pretty awesome in it-huh ;0). Anyways, Thanksgiving although not a long enough break was super fun!!
Happy days for all my friends!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas 2009

We had a very laid back and much needed holiday this year! Eric and I didn't really do much for each other since we need things for the house, but we got totally spoiled by family...we are so appreciate of all everyone has done for us this year!! I don't even have any New Year's photos since it was Eric, me, and a low key evening :0). We were able to go to Poky this year and spend Christmas with the Murphy side of the family. We wish Jason, Kristina, and Adelina could have been there :0(...but it was fun watching Amber's kiddos open their gifts. We got to see tons of friends and family while we were back...and still had plenty of time to get things done that we needed to and to take a much needed break! I think the Lord really knows when we need his help and how to help even the simple things seem easier. I was able to see girlfriends that I haven't seen in years all in one place, and bump into old friends we wanted to see but weren't sure if we would have time. It was great to see the kiddos and family...Mara is still trying to warm up to Eric :0), maybe next trip!! Thanks for all the good times and you all!!
Happy vacations for all my friends!!

Garage Sale Anyone??

After several days of caulking, texturing, and patching wall imperfections...they are as hard as plastic :0) sign of a job well done!!
Dirty Floors and finished trim...still trying to finish the painting of the trim.
Garage sale?? Enough said! Yes, we have a garage full of stuff...I will be throwing out anything without a home or that I have not used but have saved thinking to my self, "Self, when you have a house you might need this." Well...I now have a house and if I don't need it, I won't need it and out it is going. Yes...we have 3 beds, and no we have not bought any of them. However, we have 3 bedrooms and live out of town-so as soon as we are in I will need people to fill those beds so I am not forced to throw them out-haha. I am so excited to clean out all the boxes-some of which we have not seen in years!! A new start, in a new house, with a new year!!
Wonderful new starts and new year to all my friends!!