Thursday, December 6, 2012

1/2 Year Old

I know everyone says it...but the time has gone by so fast & Danen is already half a year old! He is generally a pretty good baby. He is happy and loves other kids. He usually takes 2 naps and although I hate it he loves to be up early. He giggles when a basketball is dribbled or smiles when he gets to hit it. We think he is still working on some teeth~he is a drool monster, and chews on everything in site. He cries when I take something he has away, but could care less if another kid takes it away. He loves his daddy and has a hard time focusing on eating if he can hear him talking in the room. He will go to pretty much anyone which is great since we are now in basketball season. He has chubby cheeks, but is still a pretty skinny lil guy. He loves to be tickled, scared, and have things on his face. We still swaddle him at night-he usually doesn't even protest anymore and sleeps more soundly with it. He cries now if I leave the room for too long. He is sitting on his own and still likes to help with the spoon. He eats a lot of different food...but isn't too keen on anything in particular (although he always eats for me...even if he gags it down {peas...yummy!}). He is getting better about me taking pictures and usually will smile for me. He can roll both ways, but doesn't to avoid his stomach-now he'd rather just sit up and tries to do it on his own when he is laying down (unsuccessfully though). He still wakes up once a night to eat, but other than that he usually sleeps like a pro. He loves his bath and is now in the big he splashes up a storm! When we took him swimming he is already a little fish kicking his legs! He is still having many many firsts including his first hockey game, and first basketball game. We are getting ready to leave him overnight for the first time because Eric has to have surgery...we are pretty nervous, but he is in good hands :0). We love him so much...we love his snuggles (few and far between because he is always trying to see everything), the many giggles and smiles he gives us, and that he has made us a family :0). There are many more pix to come of this lil cutie...but I am in an editing storm for clients right now-so someday soon I hope!

For Thanksgiving we had the opportunity to be with our Idaho family and had a great time seeing everyone. It was a whirlwind of a trip again, but we luv it. I did some pre-black friday late night shopping with my mom (a trooper who had to work the next day!!), we all went to a movie, had an awesome dinner, a family reunion, lil d almost pulled an all nighter after our movie (so did not sleep during it-eyes wide watching!) and then got pictures the next day.  Mara got to help bathe D which she thought was pretty cool...there was some discussion about his small parts (not sure if she said boobies or googly things...hahaha). After we came home we got a visit from Chad, Jessica, and cousins Caydence and Haylee (so exciting to see their new one...only 3 weeks old!). We have had a very busy Fall season and here's to an awesome winter!

Seasons best to all our friends!!