Sunday, October 9, 2011

.:Goodbye 26:.

I can't believe another year has flown by. I am not sure if anyone else has this...but I have had an age in my mind that I have always thought would be a great one-26-and now it is gone, just like that. 26 was a great year though-a lot occurred in that year. So to send it off in honor here are the 26 big things for 26 in no particular order:
1. New House Progressed...Learned Electrical
2. Sold New House...Learned How To Sell On My Own
3. Eric Took The Basketball Head Coaching Job
4. Involved in Pure Performance & ZERO
5. Started Crossfit & Got 5 lbs Within My Ultimate Goal Weight
6. Learned How To Upholster A Chair
7. Cruised To Honduras And Belize
8. Dream Vacay To Hawaii
9. Photography Business Took Off
10. Got Lights For Photography & A Printing Company
11. Successfully Continued Scrap Swap
12. Wrote A Bit For Ella Publishing
13. Finally Got Internet-lol :0)
14. Revamped The Business Logo & Blog (all by myself)
15. Got My Photo Collages Put Together (now to actually get them hung up)
16. Competed In A Crossfit Competition
17. Taught Myself To Create Posters
18. Become An Auntie to Twins
19. Learned How To Be An Apartment Dweller Again
20. Scrapped & Played
21. Loved & Made New Friends
22. Started A New Adventure (more on that later)
23. Sang Karaoke
24. Camped @ The Family Reunion
25. Learned To Surf
26. Read Too Many Books To Count