Saturday, January 26, 2013

{7 Months} Big

 V-day outfit for my upcoming photo shoot...can't wait it is going to be soooooo cute!

Christmas eve lil reindeer!

Lovin on his ball on Christmas morning.

Opening his Sophie with Grandma Peggy.

Big boy learning to how to drink from his zippy.

Converted his play mat to his play tunnel....he is still getting used to it :0)

Crashed on the way home...down 1 tongue depressor, no more playing drums-lol!

A little b-ball love-just like daddy

Standing up so big...probably will walk instead of crawl :/

More b-ball lovin in the bath-palmin 2 @ 1 time!

Random toys from mom's ties

Mommies laundry helper {he folds the socks ;0) }

Man, time flies! I cannot believe that D is almost 8 months already! He is such a busy boy already and he isn't going anywhere! When ever he is laying he has to be moving side to side to grab things, or slapping his hands on the ground, or slamming his feet down as hard as he can. If he is sitting he is grabbing everything in sight, or falling from trying to reach things, or pushing back against something because he wants to stand. If he is standing his is jumping or trying to turn around. He seriously doesn't stop...which is why we still swaddle him at night. When he is not completely out he still rubs his face and/or eyes, so we swaddle him. About 1/3 of the time he breaks out of it and cries for a minute until he falls asleep. He is still not a great fan of his car seat, but he will entertain himself for a bit, and if tired enough will fall asleep as long as I don't move him. Rarely will he stay asleep if the car seat is not in the car. He is eating baby food twice a day, and mom's food every chance he gets :0). Loves the bath and splashes like a crazy man. He also loves his bath toys, and constantly tries to pull up the alligator bath mat. He loves to stand and is learning he can do that with his new walker he got for Christmas from Grandma Jean. He is getting bored with his toys quickly now, and I am always giving him things from off my desk to keep his hands busy. He was spoiled for Christmas and made out like a bandit! He got 2 mini-basketball's. One from us and 1 from Owen & Hope (one of Eric's b-ball kids & Mom who helped  us with him when Eric had surgery-they adore him :0) ) and he loves them! He pats them and just smiles. He loves to watch someone dribble them too, and watch basketball @ the gym or with Dad on TV. He also got a awesome fishing set from my parents, a glow seahorse from his girlfriend Klaire (he got her a diamond ring rattle-so cute), a Sophie from Grandma Peggy, a penguin stacker from Evie, and loads of other amazing gifts. We were so grateful to everyone for making his 1st Christmas so awesome...he loved opening all his gifts and promptly eating the paper-haha. He is learning so many new things all the time and can now drink out of his sippy, feed himself cereals, put his basketball in the hoop @ bath time, bang 2 things together, dump his toy bucket, find a hole with his fingers (luvs my nostril-awesome), and can find the touchy parts on his touch and feel books. He likes to do whatever I am doing...including eating, folding laundry, being on the computer, talking on the phone, ect.....I thought that came a little later than 7 months, heaven help us :0). All in all he is growing so fast and getting cuter and busier by the moment. We love our lil man to pieces!! (As for us parents we are busy with work...I am shooting usually 1-3 times a week, and Eric is busy with basketball. We are also in the process of finding property and house plans to start building again-wish us luck!)