Sunday, February 22, 2009

White Trash Sandals

These are my super find!!! I am loving these shoes and what's even better is that they were only 5 bucks (and by buying these I got Eric a pair of Red Wing church shoes for 1/2 off-they were then only like 18 bucks)!! I got them while on my day date with TJ (Eric's bro) in Cody at the discounted Sierra's trading post adjunct store (BTW TJ I am still bummed we missed out on those smoothies!). They're by Sanuk (which means happy in Thai), a company started in California. They are actually called "The Ultimate White Trash Sandal", I wanted to post it because I think it's hilarious!! They are made from indoor-outdoor carpeting; "Made outa real Indoor-Outdoor carpeting just like your lawn", according to the tag. I have been wearing these as shoes, slippers, ect. They are so comfy with the fur on the inside-perfect for our winter here in Pindedale!

Furry shoes for all my friends!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Finally...Chad and Jessica's Wedding!

I spent tonight finishing Chad (Eric's brother) and Jessica's wedding photo's for the 2nd time!! These pictures have just about killed me!! I have spent so many hours and to no avail they keep getting the best of me! Tonight I finally finished. The first problem started when I tried to get them off my camera-nightmare!! So after trying several times I hit up Walgreens and waited with my Mom for about an hour to get them off my camera. Then I came back to Pinedale and fixed them all (at least 5 hours worth of work plus another hour+ of downloading) and in deleting the original file I erased all my fixes-stupid me!!! So...I finally got back around to doing them (the guilt of not having them done finally got to me-love time management guilt)! I still have some that I want to do more work on, but for now I just wanted to get them done!! So, here they are, in all their glory (or at least a bit of them in minor glory). Those of you who are interested, I have more on my business blog:
Better time management to all my friends!

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Rustic Valentine's

Eric surprised me this weekend and asked if we could go spend the afternoon in Jackson Hole for our day off. It was a nice late (definitely rustic/naturalistic) Valentines!! We went to a few shops, ate at Bajio Grill (love it-you really miss little things like this when you live in a town that only has a Subway), and went to the Elk refuge. Sorry about the funny shot of us-it was really bright, and cold! (My chubby cheeks here are definitely inspiration for working out a little harder-too bad you can only rock cheeks like that effectively when your a littlie-insert sigh here). It really was a fun day trip! Anyways, the Elk with the funny looking antler most likely injured it while still in his velvet stage during a fight with another bull. If anyone hasn't been to the refuge before, I recommend it. You get so close!! Make sure you bring sunglasses, a good camera, and warm clothes! We got to see some cool sparing! The saddest thing (this is nature after all) was 1) this cow had broken her hoof or something and was hobbling around on it 2) the elk pictured above in the river had scabies really bad-to the point where he really probably shouldn't be alive right now-and these other bulls kept picking on him, which is why he moved into the river. The circle of life is kinda sad sometimes, but overall it was really fun to be able to see Elk that close, they really are majestic animals (and bigger than I remembered)! When we got home I even had time to clean most of the house (I have been putting it off). I guess I will tackle the rest tomorrow. I hope you all had fabulous Valentines Days!!
Rustic nature love to all my friends!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Payin' It Forward-Spreading The Love

My sister had this on her blog and I thought it sounded like fun. So this is how it works..... The first 3 people to leave a comment on this will receive a hand made gift from me during this year. When and what will be a surprise. There's a small catch...You knew there would be didn't you (hence the... payin it forward-spreading the love)? Post this on your blog then come back and leave a comment, telling me you're in. Fun, huh? Remember, only the first 3 comments receive the gift.

Love to all my friends!!


Monday, February 9, 2009

Basketball, Basketball, and MORE Basketball!!

The Pinedale Varsity and JV boys and girls played in Cody and Powell this last weekend. I am finding it is more enjoyable for me to watch basketball (and warmer), but much easier and more exciting to do the football pictures (better light=better pictures). I haven't had a lot of opportunity to take basketball pictures since I have been doing books, but I had the opportunity to go with a few of the boys' dads to the games this last weekend. Conversation was different than usual, but I had a great time and really appreciate the generosity of others! Basketball season is coming to a close, it seems like it has gone really fast! State comes next month, and I really hope our boys (and girls) make it!! We had a great time in Cody seeing everyone, its been quite awhile since I have been back. The only downside of this weekend-I REALLY REALLY wanted to beat Cody!!! It would've been nice to blow them out again, just to give a little more of a jab since they didn't hire Eric. I know that doesn't sound nice, and really we're over it and glad we're in Pinedale, but still it would've been nice to hand their hind ends to them :0).

Happy sporting to all my friends!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just a little inspiration (actually a whole lotta inspiration)!!
"My name is Nick Vujicic and I'm 25 years old. I was born without arms or legs and given no medical reason for this condition. Faced with countless challenges and obstacles, God has given me the strength to surmount what others might call impossible. Along with that, the Lord has placed within me an unquenchable passion to share this same hope and genuine love that I’ve personally experienced with more than two million people all over the globe. Traveling extensively to over 19 nations, I've been extremely humbled by the continuous opportunities that the Lord has given me to share my testimony along with the hope that I have in Jesus with people in so many nations and situations. My greatest joy in this life is to introduce Jesus to those I meet and tell them of His great desire to get to know them personally by allowing Him to become their Lord and Savior. One of my favorite scriptures from the Bible is Psalm 139:17-18 that says, "How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them! Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand.” God has used me to let people know in countless schools, churches, prisons, orphanages, hospitals, stadiums and in face-to-face encounters with individuals how very precious they are to God. Secondly, it’s my pleasure to assure them that God does have a plan for their lives that is purposeful. For God took my life, one that others might disregard as having any significance and filled me with His purpose and showed me His plans to move hearts and lives toward Him. Understanding this, though faced with struggles, you can overcome too. Be encouraged today as you read this promise from the Lord found in Jeremiah 29:11 of the Bible, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
A beautiful e-mail was sent to Nick saying, "You may not have limbs, but I am certain that, while in your presence, those you come in contact with are being embraced in a manner much more powerful than any arms on earth could hope to accomplish." She went on to say, "...I am positive that you have touched more people in more meaningful and comforting ways than anyone with hands ever could. Thank you again. Your purpose is a strong one and God chose a mighty warrior to overcome the battle of the 'I Can't Do It's'". You are much stronger than any weightlifter I know of. Thank you for taking hold with your faith and love and doing what others could not. It would seem that we with whole bodies have lacking spirits and little faith. You, on the other hand, have a whole spirit!..." - Lisa W " all these things, we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us." (Rom. 8:37b) "
A lady I work with sent this out and I did a little more research and thought I would pass some of what I found on to all of you. The first link is to the inspirational clip of Nick, and the second is to his website. It made me wonder what I could accomplish if God was my guide and 'can't' wasn't in my vocabulary. This gave me great insight and inspiration! I hope you all watch this and have time to reflect...
Willing and able bodies to all my friends!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Scrappy Saturday

I spent this weekend scrapbooking-lots! There was a challenge on one of the scrapbooking sites I like, ( to do 20 pages in January and then you'd get 20 bucks in free products. I was excited to finish 22 projects by the 31st :0). It took longer than usual because I had to post them all (which I had never done) and also had to use only products that they carry (which is a lot). It was a really great incentive to get me a jump on my scrapbooking (which I have neglected for awhile), and a great way to get free products! I will admit that on Saturday I didn't even get dressed, or eat after breakfast-I was pretty in the zone, and I definitely needed to have a day to myself after this last week. I have been feeling pretty stressed and down, so it was a good pick-me-up. I hope everyone has been having a great new year!!! Love to you all!!
Happy hobby making to all my friends!!