Friday, February 22, 2013

8 Months & Growing

Lil D has had a busy 8th month...first Valentines day, first smoothie, trying to crawl (not really accomplishing it but he does move around on his bum), first hospital visit (RSV and Pneumonia~chest x-ray and some tests), 2 nights on only sleeping if he was held (now back in his crib and putting himself to sleep again), 2 teeth, 1st mess (tore apart tissues while mom was in the bathroom) , playing with Paige-Cameron-and both Grandma's, new toys, pulling himself up (on everything!), sat up on his own, standing well, balances on basketball (big and small) on his own well, walking in walker, walking with help, and eating again after being sick (on more formula now). Danen loves to throw, rolls in his sleep, loves to play catch with his basketball, needs two naps, sleeps only until 7:30 at the latest regardless on when he goes to bed, hates having his clothes changed, rolls for diaper changes, only wants to stand, loves his mobile, loves pulling strings and tearing tissues, loves his basketball and football, and is a chewing maniac. He doesn't love baby food-but will eat anything I give him-especially if it is off my plate, doesn't like crawling, doesn't like peas, and doesn't like sitting on the floor if someone is next to him-he has to stand. He loves books he can hold and feel-which he tries to do with all books. He no longer nurses, and we no longer swaddle him at night (usually he does well...unless he rolls over and forgets that he can roll back, lol). He is becoming our very busy little boy and we sure love him! One more week and I will have a 9 month old-I can't believe it, he is too close to being 1 already! This week it hit me that I don't have a baby anymore...he is quickly becoming a little who wants to be independent. Thank goodness we still have a while longer where he wants and needs us :0)...I feel like he has already grown to fast and that I can't remember his infant stages as much as I want to. I treasure his photos so I can look back and him so :0)