Sunday, July 31, 2011


It's crazy to think it...let alone say it, but our house is pending contract. I almost don't want to say anything for fear that it won't go through...but I really have felt God's guidance in this. It just feels right. There are so many great things I will miss about our house...amazing view, walkout basement (that we haven't even used), beautiful tile work, constant antelope (the babies are so cute!), our newly finished front porch, room for everything, large garages, double sinks, walk-in shower, and the list could go on and on. It's with mixed feeling that I think of selling...I am soooo excited to think of new possibilities, but sad to think that I won't get to experience the fully finished product. I am excited to pass our house on to someone who I know will take great care of it---and love it as we have. They are also going to work hard to finish it and bring it to it's full potential. When we were building I know I said that it was like a baby...all the time and energy, so I guess this is like sending a child off to be an adult. You wish you could keep it forever because you want to be sure it reaches the full potential that you see for it, but alas it gets passed on to someone else who you hope will make it all it can be. I can't wait to start another chapter in our lives...and I am positive that it's going to get even better here soon. Change is coming-I can feel it, and know God is preparing us for something...not sure what, but I feel an odd mix of calm and excitement. Wish us luck-we might need it :0).
Blessings for all my friends!