Saturday, January 1, 2011


Wow...a new year already! I would love to post our super energetic photo from last night, but my computer is on the fritz so you will have to wait to see Eric super excited face until a later date (he loves photos-especially ones I take and re-take from arm's length-lol). Super short and sweet today I wanted to post the 11 things I want to accomplish in here we go!

1-finish the basement
2-finish the exterior rock
3-drywall and put shelves in garage
4-keep my house organized-1 place for all things
5-finish and hang my wall murals
6-re-cover 2 chairs (one for our room and one for photography)
7-finish my mail/key slot, and message center
8-get published for scrappin
9-finish 100 scrap pages
10-take and print more photos
11-create a photo studio

I have a feeling that this year is the year for changes. We're both changing our fitness to prepare for our spring break cruise (and hopefully continue that through the summer with Hawaii-a girl can hope right?). We have plans to finish the house and hopefully still sell it to start a new adventure. I am going to try to do more things with Eric which will most likely include more gym time, more fishing, and maybe hunters safety. I have idea for crafts, simple creativeness, and home decor. There might also be some plans to expand our household...yup-it's gonna be a good year!

Happy 2011 to all my friends!