Monday, November 17, 2008

Screamin Tutu Princess

I just wanted to share this super cute picture from my last photo shoot. Ali was an absolute doll, but did not like my new tutu idea-haha. I feel kinda bad sometimes taking pictures when they're screaming, but she looked so darn cute! Anyways, thanks Kristina for telling me where to get these cute leggings-and helping me pick them out, you rock! If ya'll want to see more check out my business blog. Furthermore, in our neck of the woods: Eric started boys b-ball today, and soon I will be donating some time to help out with the girls b-ball team. We're both ready to start a new sport!! We have also been looking into housing and where/what we are going to do in June. The housing prices here are ridiculous!!! For a 1000 sq ft home with like 2 acres its 250,000 right now, so we are exploring other options. Crazyness!!!
Happy homes for all my friends!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Regionals Game #2 was a long way to travel and a hard game to watch! Most of the boys played hard the whole game, which I say because after the 1st half we were down by like 50 points and most of them kept on going strong! We never ended up scoring, but the boys played it to then end. It was a rough game, and a horrible field (there was more dirt than grass)! We ended up taking 4th in State which is pretty good since they haven't made it that far in a long time. All in all it was a good season, but a hard game to end it on. Eric loved coaching, but is excited to go into the basketball season now. Thanks goes out to the Nelson family for taking me in and letting me tag along to all of the games this season-its been really fun!!!!

My Vampire Nemesis the title says my vampire nemesis is.....Alice!! Thanks Dana this was fun to try! I thought for sure I would be a Bella, since several people I talked to said they pictured me as their Bella (guess I am a homely plain jane afterall-haha). Although, I don't think I can convince Eric to do this-maybe I'll just see if I can answer the questions for him. For those of you who have not yet read these great books (Twilight series)-I think you should fall in love with them (and Edward) ASAP, especially since the movie is coming out soon. I am patiently waiting, and I hope that Edwards acting ability convinces me that he's the right one because I don't think he fits the Edward I see described in the book-not very cute for sure!
I'm a Alice! I found out through Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So NOT Obamafied

I am disappointed with the outcome of this election. I think we can go back to our trusty facts that truly we are more likely to vote for the better speaker and the one who is best looking than the actual candidate who will do the best job. I can say that although I think it is great that we are making headway towards electing women and people of other races into office, I still don't think this was the person we needed to get us out of this funk we are in as a nation-regardless of his race. I hope he does a good job, and does not lead us into further governmental oppression (since one of his idols is among the worst of the worst communistic leaders). All I can say is that I voted and it was not for him-so you might hear more out of me if he does a crummy job. If not I will keep quiet, but know that I have not been Obamafied. He has not cast me under his spell of good looks and better oration. Once you look into his policies-maybe you will see that you too do not want to be Obamafied like some the rest of this nation who is now following a blind leader-whose fairy tales and rainbow fantasies will lead us nowhere but down. Only God knows the fate of this nation, but I do know that the Lord does not back a candidate because of his looks or speaking ability (beware of those who lead away the hearts of the people into wickedness) however he does look at their hearts and what they stand for and I think Obama is a wolf in sheep's clothing-and any man who supports partial birth abortion (and many other policies that propose to take away the freedoms we cherish) is not the man for me or the God that I worship because killing innocent life is never okay! I will get off my soapbox now that I have spoke my peace :0).

Saturday, November 1, 2008

First Regionals Playoff Game

WE WON!!! Pinedale played Lovell for our first playoff game and after a rough start we ended up winning. Unfortunately part of that is because we tackled their really good quarterback and he hurt his ankle. I know that sounds bad, but it really was the turning point for us. I felt bad for him and for their backup, you could tell he was feeling the pressure and totally not ready to be the man. They also had this huge guy on their team-number 72 (the only picture on their of only their team). To my knowledge he never got in, but man he was probably one of the biggest people I have ever seen. That's saying something too, because I have some tall friends :0). Anyways, I am super excited for the boys-Pinedale hasn't made it to the playoffs in years, and the fact that they won is even more satisfactory! We will play again next Saturday-either in Pinedale or in a city like 6-7hrs away. My vote is for playing in Pinedale-GOOD LUCK BOYS!!!

Meet Our Upstairs Master and Extra Bathroom

As the title says this is our Master and extra bathroom. I love this place for the sheer fact that our Master rocks. This will probably be the nicest thing we will ever live in, so I'm savoring it while I can (a walk in closet-who knew it could be so redeeming?). Because it had 1 1/2 more bathrooms than we've had before, I decided to revamp our room and do a new color scheme. My mom gave me this blue and brown bedspread for my birthday (but it's for a king sized bed that I am currently saving up for), and my mother-in-law gave me the towels for the master bathroom for my birthday. I won art lessons from a lady in our ward at our relief society auction so soon I will have some cool paintings to put in our room too. The hot pink and black in the extra bath we've had in our past places, but I think it is one on my favorites!!! I have found some cool stuff at different places to decorate with. Most of the stuff on our dresser is from our wedding-thanks Courtney for the picture frames! Well only two more rooms to clean and post-I hate moving! I get so burnt out that I always have one place that ends up with all the leftovers dumped there, so now I need to reclaim my scrap room from all of the leftover stuff.
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