Saturday, March 17, 2012

No more lil bump...

Say hello to my big ol' mountain of a tummy :0) The jump from 20 weeks to 28 has left a big impression...and little room. Finally got over being sick and having colds. Feeling good now-just tired, and hungry. I feel like I eat normal all day and then have like 3 dinners at night.
Little Mister moves all the time it belly gymnastics or burpees-I think we have a mover on our hands.

I feel like I try harder now to put outfits together...because I feel big and want to be in sweats more than anything else. I also have less to wear so I have to try to put more together with less and make myself feel cuter...since it's still cold here I have found that longer shirts/dresses with leggings or tights and my boots make a pretty quick well as cute jewelry since that always fits ;0)

I learned the hard way that soda in glass bottles does not fare well in freezing temps. I figured that super bowl Sunday would be great with some soda so I bought some of the more expensive nice ones and left it in my car to stay cold overnight....bad idea! The worst part besides the shattered glass pieces all over was that I had just got my car detailed at work :/. Luckily with the rubber mats I was fine and able to pick up all the little glass shards-lesson learned.
Eric has been working hard at crossfit for a little over a year now and this year it has lead him to compete in the corssfit games. There are 5 workouts that qualify you for regionals. So far he has done well in all of them-working through injury and being sick. Today we went to Jackson for him to do the 4th workout. It was a killer! One of the seniors from the school has been competing with him and they both did amazing today. The workout was 150 wall balls, 90 double unders, and 30 muscle ups. You had 12 minutes to complete the workout with as many rounds as possible (although making it through one round is extremely difficult!). The leader in the world made it through one round plus 58 additional wall balls. Eric worked his butt off and got through 15 muscle ups. I'd be lucky to get 150 wall balls-50 was hard last time I did them! I am super proud of him and his accomplishments! We're hoping to open a gym here in Pinedale soon, looking for a location...can't wait to see this baby weight come off :0).