Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

So I know how lame it is that I didn't get any photos of Thanksgiving, but my mind was pretty preoccupied with all the things I needed to accomplish and I was really stressed about our hardwood floors. Eric and I had to have another go around with them after the floor guy tried twice and didn't do the job we expected. So, before we left for Cody we worked super hard to get the floors ready for another coat of Urethane. We had to pick out all the of the gunk the floor guys put into the holes, refill the holes, sand the holes, stain the holes, prep the floor for the 1st new coat, and then put it on. When we got back on Sunday we sanded them and did another coat. It was a lot of work, but they look so much better than they did before. Even though they are not prefect I would say that we did a pretty fine job on the floors. We are wishing though that we had just taken the money and done them ourselves because they still put us back like 3 weeks with all the problems, and we ended up helping with everything except the sanding (which is the easiest part)-without getting paid for most of it. Essentially we paid someone to do the floors that we ended up doing most of ourselves-really annoying!! Anyways, Thanksgiving was really fun and we were so glad we were able to see Eric's whole family! We had family photos taken as well, so I told my MIL that I would edit them to save some I whipped up a Christmas card for her as well :0). We did lots of fun things in Cody besides shopping, eating, and hanging out/playing games-we went to the movie "Blindside"-which was amazing, and to Cody's downtown light parade. I got a little bit of work done on the computer while we were there too, it was nice to have a break and a chance to catch up on life without the house hanging over our heads! Thanks for all the fun times Oram family!! Love to you all and happy memory making to all my friends!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank a Soldier...

With today being Veterans day I thought I would take the opportunity to say thanks to all of those soldiers out there!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU...this country would not be the same without you!! Eric was telling me about an e-mail he received yesterday about an English teacher in a high school who wanted to teach her kiddos about the importance of our service men and women. When the kids entered her class they found that there were no desks in the room, nor were there chairs for them to sit on. When they asked the teacher she told them that they didn't just deserve to have the chairs, but that they could earn them. They spent the majority of their class time trying to figure out what they would have to do to earn their chairs back. Would they have to get good grades? Be on time? The list went on and on. Finally the teacher told them what they would have to do to get their chairs back. She opened up the classroom door and several veterans entered carrying chairs and desks. She told the students that because of these veterans they have the right now to a free education. That because of their sacrifices and service given to the United States these kids were now able to enjoy all the rights and freedoms they have, and that they should be very thankful to our veterans for all that they have been given. I just wanted to share that my appreciation for all those who have served before or who are currently serving in the military. God bless you all!! May I always work hard to earn the rights that have been provided me!! HaPpY VeTeRaN's DaY!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

One Week Left

So we're supposed to close in one week from today...and I am seriously hoping we can get it all done!! We have to do the trim this week, and clean up the exterior. Thank goodness my parents are coming to help!! The electrician, and heating guys both have to come and finish, but it really is coming along. Wish us luck!!