Monday, January 26, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Rival Game
The middle of my 3-now it's brown with blue and white stems

Freshman tourney
Spa Night fun
Green River Trip
We've had a busy past couple of weeks! First of all I have been working on a painting for our bedroom. This is part of the three I will be doing to put above our new bed set, but in this picture it hasn't been painted yet. Pinedale Freshman also had a tournament in which the girls won first, and the boys (although they worked hard) walked away with lots of experience. Last weekend I had a spa party for some of my girlfriends so we could all have a night out! We had lots of food and lots of fun!! Then Eric and I went to visit our fabulous friends in Green River. Travis coaches at a JU-CO there, so we had the opportunity to go and watch his team play. They played a really good team and held there own until the very end. We had a great time seeing them and their beautiful kids. We also got to see Brad and Sally and their two beautiful kiddos. We hope to be able to see them all more this summer when all the coaching is over :0). Finally, Eric's freshman team played their big rivals tonight at their place and we won!! It took awhile for them to get going, but they pulled it out in the end-great job boys!!

Full and Happy days for all my friends!!

By the way...I haven't posted Christmas because I can't find it :0(
Also...thanks for all your concerns on my eye, it stopped after 8 days-and hasn't come back yet!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Crazy Eye eye has now been twitching for 6 days. It kinda freaks me out a bit that is has lasted so long. I looked it up on the internet yesterday and they say not to go see anyone until after the 7th day, so now I wait through sometimes partially blurred vision while my eye has involuntary muscle spasms. I always associated eye twitches with fatigue, stress, or neurological problems (stroke, brain tumor) so it's a little disturbing. I have tried to sleep it off, and I don't really feel stressed so... I am trying to will it away :0). Obviously that isn't working well either. Every time I wake up I think 'oh, it's gone' but to my alarm within a minute or so it's back. Sunday it was about every two minutes at church. By the time we went home my crazy eye was so tired I felt like I had a lazy eye. What's funny is that so many people experience random eye twitching that they have a name for it: blepharospasm. Anyways, I have my painting almost done, my house cleaned up (partially), I found the Christmas and wedding cd's (just have to edit them now), got another calling to enrichment, and I will start my scrapbooking tonight-yea!! I will post Christmas soon-it has taken forever!
Beautiful vision for all my friends!


Friday, January 9, 2009

My Idahoan Cuties and Idaho Christmas

These are my Idahoan cuties (oh, and my mom and dad)! The top one is my brother's little cute Adelina Jace, and wow does she have a personality!! She makes the stinkin cutest faces ever!! I was so happy that I was one of the people she would go to since I haven't seen her much at all and she's almost a year old!! The other collage is of our Murphy family Christmas. It was really fun to go and see my family and was semi-relaxing (lots of shopping) after all the wedding whirlwind! Mara Jayde (my sisters youngest) has gotten so big since Thanksgiving even-she's a doll and has the stinking cutest chub ever-LOVE IT!! Paige got a makeup set from Great Grandma and Grandpa-hence the wildly painted face. Payden got a ball set from them and a book from us-I thought he would like it since it is about a flea-he really likes bugs. Adelina was quite enamored with the rooster flashlight she got, and Mara loved her winding pop-up music thingy :0) (I'm not sure what they're called). Anyways, we were very happy that we had the opportunity to spend time with both families, and I can't wait to see all my cute nieces and nephew again-we love and think about all of you often!!
By the way, although all the tutu shots I have done have a screaming one-I promise kids do like me and I don't try to purposely make them cry!!
Happy tutu wearing to all my friends :0)!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

What The !!???

Okay so I am not trying to be gross, but this is just one more reason why not all people should have guns! Yup folks, this is a Lama, but make sure you pay attention to the last picture. For those who do not hunt or are unfamiliar to hunting, that last picture is a tag to hunt Elk. The idiot that shot him thought that this Lama was an Elk. Does this say anything good about some of the caliber of people we have in the United States?? I think that he should have stayed in New York and hunted Lama's there. Some people never cease to amaze me with their stupidity. I mean come on, research what you're hunting if you don't know what it is, and for heavens sake-go to a farm or zoo every now and then to get your animals right. Geesh, he must've never watched The Emperors New Groove-haha!

30-06 rifle with Leupold Scope- $650 dollars
Out of State License -$600 dollars
Gas to drive from New York -$700 dollars
Taking a Trophy Montana Llama- Priceless.......(well really it's just stupid-he'll be facing charges for killing the wrong animal, and for trespassing-and I hope he feels like poo, this is probably someone's pet)
Don't quit your day job to be a guide any time soon, dude!
Happy Animal Searching to all my friends!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Catching Up

This is my starting of getting caught up since Thanksgiving pictures!! Since then we have started basketball, set up Christmas, had Christmas, New Years, a wedding, seen both families and had lots of fun!!! Down below this post I have some pictures of ISU basketball pictures, Pinedale sports, and Jessica's bridals. I will post more pictures when I can unpack enough stuff to find the wedding and Christmas pictures. I loved loved loved seeing all of my nieces and my nephew-these pictures are only of my sisters-aren't they so cute (can't find the other pictures just yet with my 2 other nieces)! We had a great time for Christmas seeing both families. There was a lot happening between both places, and we are very grateful that we were blessed enough to go everywhere safely and that Eric's family was able to travel safely to us. We were very blessed this year with Eric getting his job, and then me getting mine here as well. Thanks to all of our friends and family for all your love and support! We hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!! Enjoy the pictures and you can also check out my photography blog for a new bitty ones' pictures (cute Claire), and soon to come more of Jessica's bridals and Chad and Jessica's wedding!!!

High School Sports

These are some of the pictures of Pinedale's Boys Hockey team and the Varsity basketball team. We have really enjoyed getting to know the kids here and watching them play. Eric has a great time coaching in the High school at all levels (9th, JV, Varsity). This was the varsity game against Powell (close to where we used to live) and we won!! Keaton is the one with the huge black eye-he got hit by another player on our team at a tournament. Eric said his eye was swollen immediately, it was looking 100 times better by this game-quite the trophy from a game, we told him he should make up a really good story for it (instead of running into his teammate). I really enjoy basketball, and will be there to watch all of the home games as I am doing books to earn money to buy a frame for our new king sized bed (we got a mattress thanks to our friends)!! The hockey team is not affiliated with the school, but a few of the kids who played football for Eric are on the team. We don't have many home games, but this one we got to watch we did really well and won.

Buzzer Breakers

GO ISU!!!!! Eric and I had the opportunity to watch 2 games with my parents (and Jen and Dane for 1) when we went home this last week. They won both, and they were both great games to watch-down to the wire for sure!! I really like taking sports pictures and thanks to my wonderful friend Jen I learned the best way to use my manual modes for sports, I got a few good shots!! We had a really great time going home, and I know Eric loved the opportunity to go spend some more time with the team-he had a great time last year
with the work he did with them for his masters program.
Great shots for all my friends!