Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2 months

Lil D is sooo big! He loves holding his head up & standing with help. He talks constantly-especially in the morning. He cries when he is dirty, hungry, or tired...but is pretty happy besides that. He loves being outside already & cried the other day when I brought him in until I went back out. He can sit in his chair now for a bit, and is starting to respond to toys. He is great at reacting to people & pretty good about going to most everyone....even my friend Shanoa's little girl who was snuggling on him. He giggled for the first time at my dad, but hash't done it since...luckily I caught it on film-wish I could figure out how to download it! He loves his little sunglasses, & I love that I don't feel as bad about him staring at the sun. My mom has been here with us a lot helping us pack and helping post surgery...I miss it when she isn't here! Danen was on a great schedule until I tried to get him to sleep through the night...and then hd my surgery. Hoping he transitions back soon. We are almost all settled in & finally have internet. I will post about his baby blessing soon & will be editing up a storm so check here & my photography website to keep up with my work. Luv to you all!