Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I know we are pretty boring and pretty much only post about the house, but the rest of our life is pretty hard to capture right now since that is the majority of what we do on our spare time!! Eric and I both started school today, and it was a little hectic!! I decided to do the early morning bus riding duties at least for the 1st quarter, so I have to be to work at 6:45 am. This morning I did well and was even a couple minutes early-which is quite a feat for me considering I am always late and don't do mornings well!! As for the house, the Tyvek is all up-some insulation is in-the trace (sp?) ceiling is up-the soffit and roof trim is up-electrical is almost done-and hopefully this week they will finish the insulation and roof. It seems slow coming, but I just hope we can move in w/o snow!! Wish us luck on that!!
Happy jobs for all my friends!


Kelsie said...

It seems like it is coming along great. It will be so fun when you get to see your colors and everything you picked fall into place. Good luck with school!

The Lennon Four said...

It does seem to be moving fast from my point of view! That's so exciting :) We'll have to come see it when it's done! Good luck with the morning routine, I'm not much of a morning person either.