Monday, December 7, 2009

Closing date #3 come and gone...still no house!!

All crap broke lose this weekend...literally! Our pipe to our septic froze and in doing so we ended up with sewer water in the basement. It was coming out of the toilet pipe that is roughed in down in the basement. This is just one of the pleasantries that has occurred while doing the house. I knew building would be stressful and that we would have some issues...but I never anticipated all the problems we have had:
#1-Me being flashed by our cabinet maker
#2-Our roof having a 15 pound snow load
#3-Our builder skipping town mid project
#4-Having to finish incomplete or wrong projects ourselves
#5-Having to do the floor to get it complete after the floor guy tried unsuccessfully 2 times
#6-Frozen septic line
Of course there have been other minor problems, but even with all of this I feel that we are pretty blessed to be able to close only 1 month past our closing date! I am so grateful that our financer is such an honest man...because otherwise we would be out several thousands of dollars! He has currently lost around $35,000 on our house and has been pretty amazing about the whole thing, and I feel very very blessed that the Lord has been looking out for us through this whole ordeal! We have even been able to do a lot of the work on our own to save some money (now only if it would save us on time too...I guess I can't be too picky!!)!! These are a few of the things I have learned/am learning how to do:
#1-Masonry, we rocked most of the exterior that was left
#2-Finish Trim, I made my first 45 and baseboard seam on my own
#3-Power tools...yes, I can figure out most of the ones in my house now
#4-Door knobs, I thought they would be easy...boy was I wrong, time consuming little suckers
#5-Finishing hardwood floors, stain-polyurethane
#6-Patience and people skills
#7-Caulking joints, OCD does not help on this one
#8-How to set a door
#9-How to pick out the right things for a house


Lindsy Hartsock said...

Sounds like you have a good attitude about the whole thing. I hope things all smooth over soon and get finalized so you can enjoy all of your hard work!!

The Adams family said...

so when are you going to be able to close? what a pain this has been!

The Archibalds said...

Wow sounds a bit frustrating but you are so positive!!! I had no idea that you got flashed. You just never know do ya :) good luck wish I was there to help.

The Higbee Family said...

Doesn't not sound like fun...However you have learned new skills!:) That is awesome. Hope everything works out soon!

chelseyandmatt said...

Oh wow...I don't know if I want to ever build a house now!! Are you going to be in before Christmas?? Just think- it will all be worth it when you are all moved in :)