Friday, February 12, 2010


I have had this crazy rash/swelling on my foot since the first of the year. I thought I maybe had an allergic reaction to something in the new house. The doctor in Pinedale (who had no clue and little bedside manner) thought I had MRSA-which it clearly was not (he didn't test me nor did he inform me that he thought I had MRSA until I called to find out why he gave me double the dosage of Bactrim-kind of important to know dontcha think?). I now have taken 2 different antibiotics-which my body does not love, and have seen a total of 3 doctors. It is not super fun spending money on useless medical treatments. They did a couple blood tests today to rule out other things and the doctor wants me to see an internist to check out possible causes for my poor foot circulation. However, with my foot they think that I most likely have Pernio/Chilblain (never heard of it?? No worries-I haven't either):

/chil·blain/ (chil´blān) a recurrent localized itching, swelling, and painful erythema of the fingers, toes, or ears, caused by mild frostbite and dampness.
*chil·blain n.
Erythema, itching, and burning, especially of the dorsa of the fingers and toes, and of the heels, nose, and ears, resulting from exposure to moist cold. Also called erythema pernio.
*Etymology: AS, cele, cold, bleyn, blister
redness and swelling of the skin caused by excessive exposure to cold. Burning, itching, blistering, and ulceration that are similar to those characteristic of a thermal burn may occur. Treatment includes protection against cold and injury, gentle warming, and avoidance of tobacco. Also called pernio. Compare frostbite.

So...I think my body is once again telling me that it was born to live in a warm environment (that and that I should totally stop smoking-hehe). California anyone??


Jessica Adams said...

California/warm weather yes please! :)

The Archibalds said...

Wow that's weird! Hope you get it figured out. Good luck moving somewhere warm, especially in wyo hee hee. Still can't wait to see your home. Pics look beautiful!