Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I wanted to give props to some amazing kids...I am sure we don't ever give it enough. It seems hard sometimes to find kids that are good. It's tough to be good and do the right thing...especially when it is the least cool thing to do-but that is exactly what these kids are and are doing (and there are many more like them in Pinedale and all over). It takes heart-that's all there is to it. Parents help, coaches help, friends help, teachers help-but honestly it all comes down to the kid. They have to want it more than anything else and they have to work hard all the time-and these 2 do. It is a reminder to me that the world will still be in good hands...if we continue to encourage kids and help kids, we'll have more like this-the good ones, who have heart.

To all my friends...praise a kid, you never know who needs it most and they are all deserving.


BTW...these photos are of 2 of Eric's track kids this last weekend when we hosted Regionals. Both qualified for State which is this weekend. The top one went to State last year in Shot Put and is going back to defend his title.

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