Monday, June 20, 2011


Eric turned 29 on Friday...kinda a big day. I mean in the realization that he is almost 30-it's a scary thing people. We went to Cody and ate Sushi-a cheat in his super strict eating, but well worth it (Cody has an amazing sushi restaurant...if you ever go I recommend the Rainbow roll and the Fried rice bowl). We competed in a crossfit competition (see the post below), hung out with family, enjoyed the sun, and watched Cam play baseball. I think it was a pretty great birthday for him in one of his most favorite places with some of his most favorite people! Here are 29 things I love about my 29 year old hot hubbster:

1. He is an amazing teacher
2. His zest for life
3. His give it a 150% attitude...if he wants something there is no holding him back
4. He is a great brother
5. He is awesome with his mom
6. He is an amazing coach
7. He started a new program at Pinedale with very little support
8. If he doesn't know something he will do research to learn
9. His devotion to his health
10. He is money savvy
11. He is great with kiddos
12. He can encourage and reach kids that most people can't
13. He is willing to go above and beyond without recognition or pay
14. He lets me be me
15. We can travel together
16. He isn't afraid to try new things
17. He rarely complains about my cooking
18. He is becoming a grill master
19. He has an amazing bod (yea, it might be TMI...but he's worked hard for it & since he's my hub it's okay-lol)
20. He is a great fishing guide (I am basing this off the one time he has taken me...he was pretty patient and didn't freak too bad when I ran his boat into the rock wall-whoops!)
21. He is always trying harder to be better
22. His basketball skillz
23. He lets me be me
24. He goes to church with me
25. He works hard to support us
26. He'll get dirty and work on the house
27. He's level headed
28. He is silly...and usually it's funny
29. His story telling abilities

Happy birthday Mister Oram...I hope it was a great one!

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