Sunday, September 18, 2011


Beautiful. Serene. Dreams fulfilled. Message. Turtles. Complete Bliss. Relaxing. Green. Totally active. Warm. Palms. Big surf. Blue. Colorful. Breath taking. Snorkeling. Surfing. Amazing waterfalls. Kayaking. Flying. Wonderful food. Tan. Celebrity. Endless fun. Natives. Culture. Winding roads. Learning. Exploring. Open views. Volcano. Beaches. This sums up the majority of our trip. Most if it is hard to describe. It was worth the wait and the money. We learned to surf and thus one of my lifetime dreams has been fulfilled. Each island had something completely amazing to offer. We loved the food in Kauai the most and would most likely go back to Maui. It was all time well wasted and just what we needed before coming home to pack, move, and start work again. I have around a thousand here are quite a few, but it's hard to pick with as much as we saw and did. It will definitely be a trip that is never forgotten.


The Higbee Family said...

Beautiful pictures. Looks like an amazing trip.

Lindsy Hartsock said...

Amazing. So fun. Glad you had the trip you dreamed of!