Sunday, January 15, 2012

My hump, my hump...My Lovely BABY bump-Check it out

Now that I got that awesome song stuck in your are some baby bump pix.

(These are for you Chellie and Katie!!)

I am for sure showing now-hard to hide or suck it in :/

I am bigger at night than in the morning (which is when I shoot my pix)

I have finally gotten over most of the morning sickness stage-

it lasted until a little over 19 weeks.

I am feeling more tired than I was in my first trimester,

but I am also doing more to try and catch up from all the sick time I had.

I haven't really felt the baby move yet consistently...but I think I have felt him.

I haven't really had any cravings but...

I am loving citrus fruits

(it has calmed my stomach this whole pregnancy)

milk products

(see the amazing apricot shake and swedish cream...)




Michelinas cheese lasagna

frozen burritos with nacho cheese sauce (its gross I know)

cereal (my saving grace the first 3 months)


I am trying to eat more veggies and protein and less carbs...

carbs were really the only thing that went well the first 19 weeks.

Protein has been a real struggle and veggies don't come up so well so I am eating what I can and trying to balance back out.

This pregnancy has been anything but what I thought it would be,

but that's okay because it has taught me patience and to be straight up with others.

It has put me behind on my business and my home stuff,

but I am learning to manage and get done what I can-

I hear it will be great practice for when the baby comes.

Best of all-I am healthy and so is the baby.

It's funny though...

I worked out and ate super healthy so that I would be ready when I got pregnant and I went from eating no carbs and working out to eating all carbs and not being able to work out. I will be changing the working out issue now that my nights are going better.

We found out at our last appointment that it's a boy.

We have also found out that I am RH- and I have placenta previa...

but both should be fine since we know about them,

just hope the one doesn't make the other more difficult.

We are still debating on names...

after all it only took us 7 years to decide on a girls name only to find out it is a boy :0)

I am looking at nursery themes and baby needs-

its all so darn expensive and hard to decide on.

I am leaning towards a very modern oval crib (you can see it on my Pinterest)-

that will be pricey but sturdy...thank goodness for photography $$.

I am also trying to decide between Robots or Monsters...maybe woodland creatures,

but I like the others better.

For Monsters I have a super cool funky wood frame wall collage in mind and for Robots I have an amazing modern painting in mind.

Hoping my amazing mom and grandma will help me out with the bedding.

I'd love any feedback or ideas (all I have found is posted on my Pinterest).

We'll keep ya'll posted...

Luv to all our friends!

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The Higbee Family said...

Congrats on all the pregnancy stuff. Glad you are feeling better...How fun to start all the planning. If you have a shower anywhere remotely close to me, please send me an invite! I would love to try and come.