Saturday, September 8, 2012

In My Pretend World

Recently I was looking back through photos of lil' he was so tiny! (Now he is 3 months & changing so much~more on that later) I knew it would go fast and I have been savoring every stage. As we went through the newborn stage I knew I loved it and snuggling my little guy. However, I did not expect that I would hunger for a newborn while looking at friends newborn photos or whilst shooting newborn sessions. Often I get asked if we will have more or just be okay with one. Most people know how rough my pregnancy and delivery were~and in all honesty I usually answer that if the next one is a girl we will be done. My heart is torn though for my pretend kids-crazy I know. In my head my pretend world plays out like this~

I am a mother of 4: 2 boys and 2 girls. They have super cute names like: Danen Trent :0), Breea Capreese, Kingston Crue, Harper ????....They are all amazing good and cute (imagine great family photos...beaches and smiles-lol). In my pretend world I am nothing short of Martha Stuart. My house looks like a magazine, and I create more crafts and amazing ideas than Pinterest. In my pretend world I manage my time like a pro and I am never behind on cleaning, laundry, photography, dishes, ect....and I spent countless hours reading and teaching my children. I do my visiting teaching monthly with a handout, treat, and amazing lesson. My achievement day girls have amazing activities, treats, and handouts each time we meet. In the midst of this I find time to do service, go back to school, and develop my talents. In my pretend world I am the nicest, kindest, and most welcoming friend to all of those around me. I am the koolaid mom who loves all kids and is totally okay with them being over all the time-destroying my house making amazing art, whilst snacking on awesome homemade chocolate chip cookies and milk. In my pretend world I make a new fabulous meal every night and dessert, and everyone loves/eats it and no one ever gets fat (i.e. me). I could go on & on about my pretend world, but in actuality the one I have is quite perfect for me.....

I have a great imagination and all that sounds amazing (something to strive for I suppose), I must admit that I am completely in love with the life I have. I have an amazing husband who loves and supports me and loves being a dad. I have an adorable son that has a smile that melts my heart and makes this non-emotional lady tear up just a bit everytime I see it. I am blessed and loved by a wonderful father in heaven, and have the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life to help guide and mold me. I have wonderful parents who help me create the amazing projects I dream up in my head, but am unable to do on my own :0). I have awesome friends and family who put up with me even when I am scattered and crabby. I have the support of a community that has enough faith in me and my abilities to keep me employed and thriving. My house may not always be clean, organized, or decorated to a tee-but we have a roof over our head and all the things we need. I am greatful for my life and all the things I have learned and continue to learn. I may not be perfect-and my life may not be perfect, but everything is just the way it should be-and that I can be eternally certain of, if I maintain my faith and love. At the end of each hectic day I know I wouldn't trade my eternal family and life in the now~for any pretend life my imagination could conjure up.

Life in the moment for all my friends!

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