Sunday, November 9, 2008

Regionals Game #2 was a long way to travel and a hard game to watch! Most of the boys played hard the whole game, which I say because after the 1st half we were down by like 50 points and most of them kept on going strong! We never ended up scoring, but the boys played it to then end. It was a rough game, and a horrible field (there was more dirt than grass)! We ended up taking 4th in State which is pretty good since they haven't made it that far in a long time. All in all it was a good season, but a hard game to end it on. Eric loved coaching, but is excited to go into the basketball season now. Thanks goes out to the Nelson family for taking me in and letting me tag along to all of the games this season-its been really fun!!!!


sm said...

like the pics, obamafied

see you later

Angela Frasure said...

If you ask me, the creepiest part of that comment is the 'obamafied' comment! And you guys thought I was crazy for going private. . . Have a nice day!

The Adams family said...

hey can I get your address.. doing Christmas cards... thanks a bunch.