Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our Summer So Far

This is what our summer has looked like so far...plus lots of photos of Eric fishing (which I don't have on this computer). My parents came up for the 4th, and we hung out with them over the weekend. My Dad and Eric did some fishing, and my Mom and I went to Jackson on the 4th. We all had a really great time, and surprisingly enough the fireworks here are really good-thank goodness for the natural gas fields since they foot the bill. Then I went with my parents to Post Falls for a credit union convention, and Eric stayed home and had a buddy come up to fish. My Mom and I did lots of shopping, and spent some good quality time with my Dad at night. It was different going on a trip with my parents now that I am married, I don't think I have done that since we have been. We had some great conversations and a really good trip overall. Then my parents came back with me for 1 more weekend. It was Rendezvous days here so they had a rodeo and some stuff going on in town-little shops, food, and such. I am glad we finally had break after being done with summer school. I will post photos soon of our new little apartment.
Happy summers for all my friends!

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Trent said...

sounds like great times. Can't wait to hang out with ya for a bit at the end of the month!