Saturday, October 31, 2009

Are You Getting Tired Of Hearing About The House Yet??

I am...but it's what I do day in and day out, so that's what you get :0). Today Eric and I worked on the rock and made some serious progress (more than what you see on the photo). We're hoping for good weather tomorrow so we can get it done and move inside before we get snow!! The Lord has helped us so much with the weather and being able to find subs to help us finish in time!! Everywhere around us has seemed to be getting snow, but the storm that was supposed to come our way didn't and we are so grateful!!! Eric's friend, Danen, and his brother are here helping us get all the tile done and we are so happy!! It is turning out so awesome and we are so glad that Lamar is gone and our finish work is getting done so much better!!! We are looking forward to being done and moving in to enjoy the fruits of our labor!! It has been a pretty stressful time and I feel like all I do is work, but soon enough we will be in and ready for visitors!! The appraisal finally came in, our insurance is square away, and our loan is almost done-can I get a Hallelujah?!!! (It's a ton of work!!) The last two days at the house have been interesting because the long awaited beams and steel valleys were put in---which was no small feat!! They put the valleys in today, and at 600 lbs a piece it was pretty incredible to watch!! We love the patio covering they put up downstairs and can't wait to put in matching posts when the groud unfreezes!! BTW the photo of my little feline friend is quite cute huh? This little guy showed up at our house on Friday and has no tags. He is so good though!! I seriously am not a huge pet fan, but I have thought about keeping this little guy!! The electrician has been taking him home at night to feed him and bringing him back during the day to keep us company. He just sits in whatever place is being worked on and is super friendly and never barks-so cute, but he sheds so he will not be staying. Our Halloween pretty much consisted of doing the house with minimal time spent in festivity. I did go with my friend Shanoa to the ward party last night, and stole someone else's baby so I could go in the cake walk-haha. Working at the Elementary has been so fun and the Halloween parade and parties did not disappoint-the kiddos looked so cute!! Eric and I didn't get to dress up this year, but I have some amazing ideas for next year!!!

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