Saturday, October 17, 2009

Our Week

Kinda boring I know...but exciting that the doors are finally hung!!
The kitchen is finally starting to come together!!
My $108 dollar break from school....
The master bathroom.
The flooring is going in.
The spare bathroom.
The front-it is finally changing again!!

I love how everyone is blurring around them in these photos!!!!

I finally have some photos to upload along with the house!! This week was Homecoming and I am so glad to say that both the varsity football and volleyball teams won!! It was on Thursday night which made it super hard to want to go to school on Friday, especially since we have Monday off. Today was our Super Saturday here and I taught earring making-which was a huge hit!! I probably have 10 new pairs of earrings to show as models because of teaching!! I also had the chance to get a head start on some Christmas presents!! Eric is taking a break to go fishing today, but tonight he has to be a chaperon for the Homecoming dance-which I think is pretty funny since he's not really into things like that. They have not been working on the house the last couple of days, but we have decided I think to put the beams in the roofing structure so that you can't see them. The kitchen cabinetry has been put in, and is almost complete. I think they turned out really great!! They look black but they are actually a really dark brown. They turned out a little darker than what we wanted, but I still really like them!! They have also started on our flooring, the wood floor is going down and so is the backer board for the tile. The brick out front is almost complete, but they ran out of mortar so they should be finishing that up next week. The house is almost all sided as well. It seems to be moving along quickly, but we know how much they still have to get done in less than one month so I am not quite sure they will make it. None the less we are happy with how it is all turning out. One the bummer side...while trying to be quick since I was leaving work to get the appliances delivered, I recieved a nice speeding ticket on my way back. The worst part is I knew I totally deserved it, and then to top it all off the guy took like 15 minutes writing it so it made me even later that than it would have if I had just gone the speed limit!!! (That'll make you want to scream at the man) So...$108 later, I have learned my lesson-lie about why you were speeding to try and get off (j/k).
Happy ticket free weeks to all my friends!!


Jason and Dana said...

I love your kitchen cabinets Liz!! I did think they were black, either way, I like dark cabinets. The hardware on the cabinets is awesome!! How exciting for you guys. I can't wait to see the wood floor.
Those are some really good football shots.
I'd love some recommendations for any series you've read. I just saw one..City of Fire or something like that, have you read those ones?

Mike and Jen said...

Your house is coming along great. I am so excited for you guys and can't wait to see the finished product! The pictures you took are fabulous too.