Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Fun

Sooo...the problem with having 2 cameras is that I usually don't get around to importing photos from both. However, I have finally done the little one and have photos of all the fun we have been having since May. First we finally had our anniversary dinner...steak, shrimp, and calamari with the sides-super yummy! Next was my adventure of putting together our new dresser by myself-which the instructions say not to do, but I did it and it works great. I also got it in to our room and loaded by myself, the joys of being a coaches wife! I also finally got our cool rug from my Grandma down and it feels heavenly! I haven't taken a photo since my mom helped me make curtains...but soon enough (thanks again mom!). Next is when my family came to visit...we went fishing at one of the lakes around Pinedale, I believe it was called Dollar Lake. The kids had fun snacking and playing in the dirt. Us ladies visited around the fire since it got a little cold and rainy, and the guys enjoyed fishing and catching little trout fish. We had lots of fun while they were hear and grew accustom to having a much louder than usual home. Most recently I went to Pocatello and did 5 photo shoots which you can find sneaks of on my photography blog. From there we came home and did one concrete pour with our buddy Seth who came from Cali to work with us for a week. After one day of being home and working we jumped in the car to go to Cody for the fourth and for TJ and Libs newest additions blessing. While we were in Cody we didn't do much because we all got sick...but we were able to go out on a four wheeler ride before all that happened. It was fun and Eric and I learned what a crazy lady Peggy is on her new four wheeler...and she was great about us teasing her with her super efficient hand signals-haha! On Sunday we went to Billings for the baby blessing and got to meet our new niece and spend time with family! She is a doll and so tiny! And of course, what would an Oram get-together be without some basketball. The boys had fun playing and dunking-Cameron proved his skills on the court...and showed them how much taller he had gotten by taking up their dunking challenge. Over all it was a fun trip-but we missed Chad and Jessica being there!! That night we drove back to Pinedale and the boys and I have been working all week to get all of our concrete done. It is a hard and dirty job...pouring, stamping, and staining! They laid the last of it last night and now just have cleanup and sealing to do (you can also see photos of how the house progressed with painting-looks just like I imagined!). So far our summer has been fun and way to fast! Up next will be the finished product of all our hard work, and enjoying some outdoor time in Pinedale!
Fun summers for all my friends!

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