Saturday, July 24, 2010

You and Me Goin' Fishin In the Boat...

Eric finally got me to go fishing with him on his new raft...and amazingly enough I didn't hook him, lose any flies, or tip the boat over! I surprised myself by enjoying it, until I tried my hand at rowing and about ran us into a cliff ledge. I think I will stick with floating or fishing...for the rafts sake! We boated a couple good ones, and I lost some that seemed to be bigger than the biggest I caught...but at least I actually caught a few (fishing is no fun without catching!). The biggest one I caught I didn't get a photo with though. Eric got one and then it was my turn and it flopped out of my hands and hit the edge of the net which caused it to fall into the water-bummer, but at least we got a photo!! We went up and camped the night before and can I just say that whoever made tents with those pole systems is a genius!! I am always amazed at how little time it takes for us to get our tent up! We cooked some dinner and hung out. Dinner was made super easy with the cool new dutch oven I scored at 1/2 off!! The lid comes off to make a skillet...pretty cool! Our camping spot was super neat too...right on the peaceful! The sleeping conditions were not fun! Being that we are not spring chickens and pretty spoiled with our soft bed...the ground was super hard! Even worse...I forgot that Pinedale summer camping is colder than other places and forgot to pack socks or anything warm to sleep in so I was cold all night. However, lesson learned and I will remember next time. All in all we had a great trip...and I am beginning to see why Eric spend almost every day in his raft! Even when he is not guiding he is fishing himself...and although I don't think I will ever be that devoted, I think I have found a new hobby to do with the hubs!
Happy camping to all my friends!

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