Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's The Final Countdown-36 weeks!

 Here I am at the whopping 36 weeks mark...getting bigger by the moment I swear-let the waddling begin (ps check out the link for some serious laughter)! Some highlights for my 36 weeks are:
         * baby shower in Poky
         * baby shower in Cody
         * last kid free girls getaway in Lava
         * my first stretch marks :/
         * Rhogam butt shot-yup that was fun
         * pregnancy carpal tunnel...trying to start a new fashion with sporting double arm braces-looks like I am ready to go rollerblading @ anytime :/
         * maternity pix from my amazing friend Jen
         * swelling feet :/
         * baby shopping!!
         * Braxton hicks contractions triple!
         * educational birth classes commence (there were 4 & Eric was amazing & went to the last one by             himself and won us a car seat!!)
         * constant bathroom visits...but pretty much only @ night when I am trying to sleep
         * running out of clothes and shoes that fit so I took myself shopping :0)

This is what I started with for the crib and dresser. I ordered them and got them in less than a week! Eric was @ track regionals & I hated the boxes in the front room so I had some awesome guys help me haul them upstairs and I went to work the next day to get them set up. I had a great time putting the crib together-I like doing that kind of stuff-it's weird I know. The dresser on the other hand-not so much! Worst instructions ever!

I could only find this lil bitty screw driver so with this and the provided alan wrench I put together these masterpieces. It was kinda hard with my numb tingling hands, but I got it done! I put the crib together in an hour after bunco on Friday night. The dresser took me a lot longer on Saturday. I had to re-do some major parts-like I said the directions were horrible! I love the way these look, but wish IKEA would have made the dresser-better instructions and a little bit sturdier construction. All in all they turned out fabulous. I spent Thursday and Friday washing all lil man's clothes up through 18 months. They are all loaded in the dresser and I am so glad to have them out of the laundry bins and put away!

You can see some of the bright colors we are using in his room. I am so excited to see it all put together-very modern and funky! My mom is finishing the quilt, my amazing friend Shanoa will be painting the monsters on plaques for above his bed, and a few wood shop kiddos are cutting out the frames for his pix. This has most definitely been a team project!! I still need to make the mobile, but we are finally getting there. Too bad I don't have a closet for all the other baby crap on the other side of the photo :0). The only thing I still have coming is the chair that will go on the other side of the crib-hoping it comes soon and that it is assembled-my hands are killing me today from all the work!!

We are getting more and more excited and nervous about lil peanuts arrival. I have his bag packed and the car seat and gear all in my car. I am trying to finish up all my organizing and cleaning, as well as work/photography/and finishing all my birth reading materials. Eric is gone to state track this next weekend so we're hoping he'll hold out a bit longer! Whew...only 2.5 weeks until his expected arrival! Wish us luck!

Luv and relaxation to all my friends!

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Jason and Dana said...

I'm so excited for you Liz!!! And that crib and dresser are so CUTE!! I love the modern crib look.