Friday, July 6, 2012

Stars and Stripes

4th of July was Danen's first holiday and it was a busy one! Eric is in the full swing of guiding so he wasn't with us until that night. Lil' D and I went out to a friends house for a bar-b-que at lunch. We chatted for awhile and then came home to meet Eric. We went to a park to listen to some music, to Alex and Shanoa's to chat while waiting for the fireworks (where Danen found his first girlfriend), and then to the Davis' house to watch the fireworks. Lil' man did pretty well until the last couple minutes and the drive home. He is getting big...but doesn't quite fit into those super cute shoes yet. I folded his socks (also too big) and somehow he managed to keep them on all day. His little onsie I didn't think would fit still-but I am glad it did because he looked so stink in' cute! 
We sure love our American Baby :0)

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