Sunday, October 7, 2012


For my birthday...the big 28, we went to Jackson for Danen's doctors appointment & lunch. On the way we went to a private ranch that Eric guides and blogs for. It was really pretty, but fall has already set in deep and most of the trees were bare. While there I took pictures for the blog and took a couple opportunities to get some pictures of my boys! It was crazy windy/cold so Danen didn't really love pictures, however, we are learning that he loves the outdoors and is so content while outside.

The big 28 is welcomed...I had such an amazing 26th and 27th year! We have had our trials of course, but we have also had so many blessings this past year! I cannot wait for another year with my lil' man, amazing husband, family, and friends! I can't wait to see what my 28th year brings!

My parents came for my birthday and for the guys to go hunting. I had a few days with my mom before they went hunting (she came to take us back for Payden's birthday)~she is always so helpful when she is here! She cleaned all my bathrooms, sewed pillows, help me recover a chair pad, watched lil' man while I worked and edited, and helped me watch my friends kiddos. I got sick when we came home so she took lil' man and I got to sleep in. She did my laundry, vacuumed, cooked, and kept my kitchen clean. She has made getting my huge photography projects done so much easier! Luv you mom!! My dad came to go hunting with Eric...totally eases my mind so he doesn't go alone! They saw some way up, but didn't get one. Eric has been going back up every chance he gets....hoping to get a big bull :0)

The ranch has loads of buffalo....including very rare white buffalo. Most were more white than this guy. It's crazy to see because they are not albino, just white. The guy that owns the ranch (Joe Ricketts) has been breeding them to get more white ones. It's crazy to me that 2 white buffalo can still have a brown/black calf. They are pretty unique to see, and the ranch was beautiful. After Danen's appointment we went and got Thai food for lunch at the Thai Plate~sooo yummy :0).

This lil' dude got baptized so we went with my mom (who so generously came to get us-Danen hates the car seat and screamed for an hour the last time I drove by myself). It was a quick trip to Poky...went there Friday afternoon and returned Saturday evening for the guys to leave and go hunting. It was great to see everyone and I was glad we got to be there on Payden's special day!

Lil man is now 4 months (those pix to come shortly) and loves mirrors...this one I got for cheap and it is kinda warped which gives him a fun house look...haha. He has also discovered his screaming voice, his man parts-lovely, and his hands are still always in his mouth (sometimes producing a gagging effect-thank goodness no throw up yet). He still isn't a fan of his tummy, but he is learning to like his jumper, and still loves loves loves his fishy play mat. Cereal is going okay...he doesn't love apples or sweet potatoes too much, but loves the bananas mixed in. 

Grandpa Rhodes got this little rocking chair for him and my parents fixed it up. It is super cute and I am sure he will love it. You can tell in this picture that he is starting to chunk up a bit. He is 13 pounds 13 ounces and 25inches long @ his 4 months appointment. Our lil' man is growing up!! Crazy that he started @ 7 pounds 12 ounces and 20.5inches long...his weight has almost doubled, and with it the amazing things he is learning and can do is doubling right along with that! They grow so fast!!

Speaking of growing he is now in the next sized clothes and got some new pj's to wear to bed. I thought these Monsters Inc. ones were so cute...I think he likes them too :0). He is still in his crib and my mom put up his bassinet so I guess the transition is permanent! He does come sleep with me for about an hour some mornings...I swore my kids wouldn't sleep with us, but since it is just me and I go to bed late because I am editing, I let it slide so I can get one more hour!!!

Lastly, it is truly turning into fall here...morning temps around 17 degrees. The landlord still has the sprinklers going which made for a cool ice shoot yesterday. I am not really ready for winter and cold temps, I feel like I didn't really get my summer since I didn't have the greatest health, but none the less-they are coming! The one great thing is holidays with the family...Thanksgiving in Idaho and Christmas with the Oram's. Can't wait because we will be meeting 2 new cousins at Christmas time!! TJ and Lib just had a baby boy on my birthday and named him Oakley Thayne Trent Oram. Chad and Jessica are expecting a baby girl in November. Danen is going to be so lucky to have cousins his age to play with! Plus my cousin Krissy is due in November with a boy...I wish we lived closer to them so he had a playmate like I did. Kris and I were the best of buds growing up!! Well that is our life right, lil' man, hunting, fishing, shooting, editing, and enjoying our time as a family! Next weekend we get to spend family time in Utah at a Crossfit training and with Chad, Jessica, and Caydence-we are so excited to see them and their new place! The following week Danen, Shanoa, and I get to go to Lava for our girls scrapbooking getaway...looking forward to seeing all the ladies again!!

Beautiful living for all our friends!!

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The Higbee Family said...

Happy belated birthday Liz! I hope you had a good one. Your little boy is growing up so fast. He is so adorable.