Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spooks Night

Lil man's first Halloween was a success...and busy! I had to work so he went with Shanoa to Bela's preschool party, and to the elementary school for the parade and Porters class party. Then I picked him up to help me pass out candy on main street for work, then we went for pictures, and to the ward trunk-or-treat. Yesterday Eric and I attempted to carve pumpkins with him, but his pumpkin was rotten :/. Mine got broke in Utah and the backup was rotten :/ So we all carved on Eric's pumpkin after we realized the other pumpkin I had was absolutely not carvable...strictly decoration :0). Haha, lesson learned and we got one great mash-up pumpkin. I promised Danen we would do better next year, not that he knew the difference-lol. Yesterday, He and I also were able to go to story time at the library and to see Eric, and my old work mates yesterday in his dragon outfit from my sister. For Halloween though I used the corn cob costume I bought for 50 cents before Eric and I were ever married. Love this cute costume....Paige wore it also (not sure if Payden did too??). I was the corn farmer and lil D was my cob o' corn...a super cute one too (we got lots of comments on that outfit-I guess it is pretty original). All in all he had a great Halloween-even without any candy-the biggest treat for him is being able to watch everyone and interact, look out world because I have a feeling this lil man is going to be a social bug!! Danen is 5 months tomorrow and I will post more pictures soon...but in this last month he has had lots more firsts: found feet, rolled over from tummy to back, saw his 1st Elk kill, met his cousin Caydence/Uncle Chad/Aunt Jessica, and grabbed mommy's nose. We sure love our lil man who continues to amaze us with how much he learns, how determined he is, and how happy he is.
HaPpY HaLlOwEeN to all our friends!

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Mel said...

He's a super cute monster!!