Monday, September 15, 2008

Our Big Backyard

So this is Pinedale, Wyoming-our new stomping grounds. This is 5 minutes from our house-there are so many amazing lakes here (we seriously have the biggest backyard to play in with it all being so close). This is Freemont lake (the biggest one) and Soda lake (one of the smaller ones). We went and had a picnic yesterday with some friends, and checked out the amazing views while we still had nice weather. It was a great time-we love getting to know new people in our new area!

Big Backyards for all my friends!



The Adams family said...

I did not imagine where you lived to look like that! WOW it is so beautiful. How is the job? Are you adjusting to the move yet?

Lindsy Hartsock said...

Gorgeous! That is amazing. I totally want to come visit. How are things anyway? Are you adjusting okay?

Mark and Kristen said...

You look great Liz!! What beautiful pictures - I want to come visit too! :)

Jessica Adams said...

How the heck is it going liz? Are you liking Wyoming? I talked to your bro awhile back and he said you were thinking about pa school..are you still?