Monday, September 15, 2008


This is one of the most photographed mountains in Wyoming, and it's only about 30 minutes from our house. We took my Mom and Dad up here when they came up a few weekends ago to bring us our new couches (yea!). It was a pretty spectacular view-which I tried to capture with my truly mediocre camera (sucks-my new one is coming soon!). The funny thing is-on the way up I saw all the different colored trees melding together and all I could think of was shapes and colors for a tree scrapbook page-hence my title=FIXATION. I love it, but sometimes I wish I could turn it off!

Fixate on!!

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Jen Simmons said...

Hey girl! Your pics look great! Keep up the good work! Well, me and dane are doing great!! REally good, things here are crazy busy right now but they will slow down soon hopefully...:-) I have been trying to learn photoshop and thats been a lot of fun and also just been working full time now and BUSY! and Dane is working and also trying to do a little advertising on the side with Barries for fun, he is doing well and we are having so much fun. How about you guys? How is it up there? So sorry about the camera but heck ya on the new one!! That's why you broke it, i know your secret but don't worry i won't tell....Well, chit chat with you later my dear!