Sunday, March 29, 2009

And 1 more makes 3

Well...I have a new baby! I know...A 3rd blog...what am I thinking? I wanted somewhere to write down the things that I am working on. I needed somewhere that I could challenge myself, somewhere I could remain accountable for true change. Each week I will be giving myself new goals, in various area's of my life that I feel need improvement, and I will also give progress on how I am doing with each goal (mainly this is for me, but you are all welcome to read-give encouragement, proding, ect.-or join in if you'd like). I truly believe that by starting with myself, maybe someday I can help to make some global changes-and if not, at least I will have become the person I want to be. If any of you would like to join me, please do so, and let me know where your journey is leading you.
I will also be posting on here what creative things I have been working on so I don't have to bore you all on this one. Check it out if you'd will take me a bit to really get it all going. For all of you interested in my scrappin swap-this is where I will be posting that stuff as well as soon as I can get that going. I am thinking starting for sure in May, possibly April but I will let you all know!
Good changes for all my friends!!


Bartons said...

Hey there liz. What is your email. SO I can invite you to my blog. Also do you know Chads? email me!!

Abel and Abby said...

Hey Liz Congrats you have won something personally made by me! I hope I can make something as cute as you make! I loved your 3 pictures you painted they looked awesome!

The Adams family said...

Girl you are crazy! I thought the third one was our scrapbooking blog! :)

Dave and Ashley said...

Totally thought you were going to announce that you were pregnant when I read the "and 1 more makes 3". Pretty much everyone I know is pregnant so it wouldn't have surprised me one bit! :)

Lindsy Hartsock said...

You little turkey...I totally thought you title meant something else. I totally thought you were announcing a baby. Haha. Did you do that on purpose? :) I think your blog idea sounds great. It will be fun to read.