Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Big Thanks and a Funny Story

Well...if you like seeing my creative stuff I posted them on my other site to look at, if not...feel free to not go look :0). I just wanted to let all the girlies out there that went to the scrapbook house know that I had a wonderful time!!! I will post pictures when I can get them from my mom. I didn't do near as many pages as last time 15 versus like 50!! But it was so fun...I laughed until it hurt, and then I laughed some more, until I seriously could not laugh anymore!!! It was just the break I needed before vacation...I can't wait to do it again!!! I got to be more artistic this time, and do more to my pages. I made 2 different bird pages, but I couldn't post the other until I fix my birdies eyes...they got mashed. I also made a super crazy old man face for one of my mom's pages. It went in the title of a page where Payden (my nephew) was wearing a mask that he got while garage selling with me in Cody, Wy. Seriously one of my funniest memories. Here we are (my mom, sister, myself, Paige, and Payden) walking down main street and it's like 102 outside and he's in this crazy old man mask-with a beard and everything. The eye holes were down to his cheeks and people were staring at us like we were crazy. Payden refused to take it off which made it even better. To make matters worse they were in this double stroller that would not move right so Amber and I were in hysterics because we kept running it into the doorways of the shops...good times, but I guess you all really need to picture it with the mask-makes it all much better!! One man even walked by and did a double take (lots of people did) and turned around and said, "I thought you had a really ugly baby in there"-wow he's honest :0) .:giggles:.
Laughs for all my friends!!
PS Amber...when you read this will you please send me that picture from Cody so I can post it?


Mike and Jen said...

I miss your laugh! I am glad you had fun.

Mark and Kristen said...

Ya, no! Totally not expecting! :) I played a really mean joke on Mark today for April Fools (one of my preggo friends took a test for me) and I gave it to Mark and put it on the blog and everything (he looks at the blog alot) so it was just part of a joke! :) I so wish I could have scrapbooked with you guys the other weekend - I have NO ONE here that scrapbooks - it is like a lost art or something. I might resort to placing a personal ad on craigslist for a scrap buddy or something! Haha! Hope you're doing well!

Mark and Kristen said...

Yes! Count me in! That would be a lot of fun!