Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Everythings Bigger in Texas

So if you're not hungry by now, you didn't look at the pictures hard enough!! This is my trip to Texas all summed up! We had such a great time. The conference was really really good! We had amazing food-the whole time! We hit up some great shops and found some great deals! We also hit up Texas' largest cake decorating competition. The competitions were kinda lame, but the artistry in the cake work was phenomenal!! I couldn't narrow down the pictures of them so I posted them all!! I also posted my finds-I know it's kinda lame, but my parents used to have us do this when we were little and I think it's kinda fun to look back at. I got both pairs of shoes for $5/each! Everything else I got was on sale too-except for the scrapbooking stuff (but it doesn't count-hehe). The school does food reimbursement for staff travel so we ate really well!!! I loved the warm weather and it was nice to get a little color in my skin! We hit up the Texas Longhorns shop-we were right across from the college-they have huge school spirit!! Also, there is a little picture that is pretty dark-the man in it only has a shirt on-only in a big city would you see this walking down the street. Most of our shopping was done in SoCo-a super funky shopping strip where all these crazy pictures were taken-I suggest it to all who go to Austin! We also went on a ghost tour which was fun to learn all of the history of Austin-they had the nations first serial killer-crazy!! I hope you all enjoy the pictures and that they inspire you all to do a little creating of your own-in the kitchen, or where ever else you create!! Enjoy your free time and get out in the sun if you can!!
Creative times to all my friends!!
BTW the billboard I thought was hilarious!!! I felt silly taking a picture until I came back to Wyoming and there was a guy taking a photo of the guns and cases sign in the airport. Funny to me because that's normal for me to see, but I guess signs like this are normal for them.


Lib said...

Sounds like a great time!

Jason and Dana said...

Were you just in Austin!??! I should have come and seen you!!

Jason and Dana said...

So I just got to longhorns and commented, then i read about Austin. Austin is only an hour drive from me!!! Too bad.

Kelsey said...

I'm finally catching up on everyone's blogs. Those cakes are way cool. I wonder if they taste good, though.

I'm jealous you got to go on the ghost tour. I've been wanting to do that for a long time.

You know what's funny? I read the title of your post and saw the billboard, and before reading on, I knew you were in Austin. Only in Austin would you see something like that. Love it.

chelseyandmatt said...

Hey! Thanks for your comments, and I am soo slow at writing back. It has been a crazy few months! ANyway, fun you got to go to Texas? Wow. Anyway, where are you guys living right now? I believe I had a few classes with your husband as well a few years ago. Anyway, I actually do not scrapbook digitally. My mom has made a few that I have posted, but I love love doing it by hand-kind of relaxing(although it takes forever) If you want to know some great scrabook programs that are digital--let me know though!

Amber Hooten said...

Glad you had fun in Texas! I love Austin. I love Texas, too. It has been home to me for the past 8 years.