Monday, January 4, 2010

Garage Sale Anyone??

After several days of caulking, texturing, and patching wall imperfections...they are as hard as plastic :0) sign of a job well done!!
Dirty Floors and finished trim...still trying to finish the painting of the trim.
Garage sale?? Enough said! Yes, we have a garage full of stuff...I will be throwing out anything without a home or that I have not used but have saved thinking to my self, "Self, when you have a house you might need this." Well...I now have a house and if I don't need it, I won't need it and out it is going. Yes...we have 3 beds, and no we have not bought any of them. However, we have 3 bedrooms and live out of town-so as soon as we are in I will need people to fill those beds so I am not forced to throw them out-haha. I am so excited to clean out all the boxes-some of which we have not seen in years!! A new start, in a new house, with a new year!!
Wonderful new starts and new year to all my friends!!

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Tamara Currah said...

Your house looks awesome! I so need to come see it!