Sunday, January 10, 2010


I finally uploaded my Thanksgiving photos...better late than never :0). We went to Cody for the big day and spent it with Eric's family. Little Evie definitely keeps us all entertained...and from the looks of the previous photos that must come from the Oram side. One night during our visit Eric convinced his mom to teach him how to make Spudnuts, which are very yummy donuts made from potatoes. They turned out great and he is pretty excited to turn that into a Thanksgiving tradition-as if I need more things to eat on Thanksgiving. Then the boys went through their old things and Eric found his high school jersey, he still looks pretty awesome in it-huh ;0). Anyways, Thanksgiving although not a long enough break was super fun!!
Happy days for all my friends!

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The Adams family said...

I love the apron! How is the unpacking going?